ManageIT Mobile Version 3.6 – Released June 23, 2022
New Features
  • The Job ID is populated in the Subject line of emails sent from the Job Detail page, Additional Contacts page, and Employees’ page

See a complete list of what’s new in ManageIT Mobile version 3.6

ManageIT Mobile Version 3.5 (patch) – Released January 27, 2022
System Corrections
  • Fixed Endless Load when loading first job after first login
  • Corrected “400 Bad Request” message when logging into ManageIT Mobile
ManageIT Mobile: Version 3.5 – Released September 30, 2021

See a complete list of what’s new in ManageIT Mobile version 3.5

New Features
  • Field Report functionality
    • The new field report functionality allows items, notes, and photos in the report
  • Employee Permission Setting
    • The employee permission setting allows employees to run the field report
  • Compliance Template Setting
    • A Compliance Template setting allows Admins to select the default correspondence type for notes
  • Field Reports
    • Field Reports can be generated, include photos, emailed, and saved as a PDF or to Job Documents
  • Share Job/Field Notes and Photos
    • Users can share job notes and photos with internal and external emails
  • Set Complete/End Dates
    • When completing a compliance template task with a set date, Users can set Start and End dates for Targets and List Review
  • XactAnalysis Documents and Correspondence
    • New permissions allow Users to send documents and correspondence to XactAnalysis
  • Display Number of Documents
    • The documents page displays the number of documents in each folder
System Corrections
  • “To” Field “Undefined”
    • Corrected email functionality to populate the “to” field
  • “With” Field
    • Corrected correspondence functionality to populate the “with” field
  • Android Validation
    • Validated full keyboard and phone number on androids
  • Dates Not Updating
    • Compliance task dates update on the dates tab
  • Project Terminology
    • Correct Project Terminology for additional contacts
ManageIT Mobile: Version 3.4 – Released July 22, 2021
New Features
  • Added Privacy Policy link
  • Display of Verisk/Xactware logo on job
  • Task accountability update for job cards
  • Allow users to remove photos from upload page
System Corrections
  • Cannot view downloaded job information when offline
  • Improved sync changes
  • Update task accountability rules
  • Resolved error when taking photos
Intuitive Mobile: Version – Released April 6, 2021
New Features
  • Phone number changes
System Corrections
  • Errors editing work orders
Intuitive Inspections: Version 5.4.1 – Released April 6, 2021
New Features
  • Added Privacy Policy link
System Corrections
  • IOS not allowing users to open multiple documents at a time
  • After closing an inspection, inspection does not show closed
  • Previous photos on existing inspections not syncing

Intuitive Mobile update – August 25, 2018

New Features:

  • Consumable Tracking
  • Display Marketing Rep from the Job
  • Show all folders for documents
  • Send notifications when new jobs are created

Resolved – Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple photos uploaded now showing in list

ManageIT Mobile update – August 25, 2018

New Features:

  • Capability to edit document titles/descriptions
  • Move documents to folders
  • Upload photos and documents to XA
  • Move multiple pictures between folders

Resolved – Bug Fixes:

  • Save and Add Copy jobs duplicated
  • Miscellaneous Android issues

Intuitive Inspections update – August 25, 2018

New Features:

  • Reports are viewable from Intuitive Inspections
  • New Inspections – Residential and Data Point

Resolved – Bug Fixes:

  • Ask for only signatures required in inspection template
  • Improve sync