Restoration Manager Version 24.2 – Released December 1, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 24.2 – System Corrections
  • Fixed some employee fields that are not editable in the Save and Add copy screen
  • Fixed Job Custom Field not saving in Job Detail
  • Fixed production reports
  • Fixed X error when running production reports
  • Fixed ability to change work order number range in site details   
  • Fixed Jobs API call that was not returning all jobs modified since a specific date
  • Fixed inability to preview Mail Merge
  • Fixed Job Name not applying to copied Job record after using Save and Copy function
  • Fixed X error for work order Custom Export Report
  • Fixed MasterBuilder ID not applying to job record and creating a duplicate record in Sage
  • Fixed Compliance Tasks being unable to be created
  • Fixed X error when creating and trying to access new site
  • Fixed inability to navigate to Memorized Reports
  • Fixed X error on BCS site selection page
  • Fixed notes being cut off in inspection reports
  • Fixed project names overlapping on some list reports

Restoration Manager Version 24.1 – Released November 1, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 24.1 – System Corrections
  • Fixed Employee Schedule
  • Displayed additional employee default roles set on job
  • Corrected long project names to prevent overlapping on WO page
  • Corrected RainbowUK to allow for scheduled for repair work orders respect scheduled hours in the schedule
  • Fixed QABCS2 checkbox to be unchecked by default
  • Corrected employee roles to update on new lead
  • Corrected long project names to prevent overlapping on reports
  • Display populated schedule for repair date in WO after entry
  • Fixed REGRESSION customer selected fields so they copy over when a save & add copy is executed
  • Fixed REGRESSION to prevent X error when generating job aging reports
  • Fixed black X error when saving a new job lead
  • Corrected REGRESSION Employee Schedule for Single Employee

Restoration Manager Version 24.0 – Released September 27, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 24.0 – System Corrections
  • Displaying Task Contact or Phone details for Task Dashboard
  • Display correct inspection tasks when emailed/printed
  • Removed ‘Zoom’ functionality in item quick add

Restoration Manager Version 23.1 – Released July 7, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 23.1 – System Corrections
  • Staff 2 field not merging correctly on email templates
  • Number of custom job fields setup for a site different for settings display
  • Tasks Page – Job Name Search duplicates same search field for Job ID
  • Unable to access project correspondence tab, generates X error
  • Job Custom Field Setup – Add Dedicated “Save to All Sites” button and Add Logging for Page Changes
  • Running report on job criteria is failing due to an X error
  • Drying Start and Drying Completed not added to Integration Queue
  • Tasks Page – Tasks displaying with both Project Name and Job Name/ID

Restoration Manager Version 23.0 – Released June 23, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 23.0 – New Features
  • When the Job Not Sold Date has been updated in Xactware, all tasks associated with a job will be closed
  • The entire task page has been updated to a new UI with an updated grid and additional columns and filters
  • The task page has been updated to include Job ID and completed by in the grid
  • The task page has been updated to view tasks with ‘task’ and ‘assigned to’ and due dates are displayed by color
  • A pop-up notification will appear when a user attempts to add a new lead with an address that already exists
  • When a System Compliance template’s Region(s) or Site(s) are updated, the project templates associated with the system compliance template will be updated
  • Users can add multiple numbers by clicking the “More Phones” designator on the Vendor Detail page
  • The New Job Icon now appears on top of all existing jobs and will be 3 times larger

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Restoration Manager Version 23.0 – System Corrections
  • Corrected Document Merge so resulting document is not duplicated
  • Fixed X error when Website entered in “Project” level “Detail” tab
  • Corrected Equipment Detail Report page to prevent breaks and overwriting
  • Corrected “State” to auto populate when adding a Site
  • Corrected Customer expected workflow usage
  • Fixed Task Template to Save Correct Projects when site is selected
  • Corrected reports screen so Event viewer error is not generated
  • Fixed Multi-upload documents so they send to XA
  • Fixed Job Accountability Dashboard to load properly
  • The Sales Manager field is updated when Referral Source is updated
  • Fixed Vendor portal All Sites Checkbox to allow unchecking
  • Fixed New site so the Field Report Settings are set
  • Display correct Job Name length across system
  • Corrected Job Custom Export so a full list of Jobs is returned for Customer

Restoration Manager Version 22.3 – Released March 7, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 22.3 – System Corrections
  • Updated List Date Terminology including Date Description
  • Fixed ability to save jobs as inactive
  • Corrected New leads so they generate Loss Type and Loss dates
  • Display correct Toaster Message when Saving Site Reporting Settings

Restoration Manager Version 22.2 – Released February 24, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 22.2 – System Corrections
  • Display Remove Estimate Function
  • Corrected Subject field for sent Work Orders
  • Save accurate number for Lat/Longs when saving Jobs, Projects, and Vendors
  • Display correct due and review dates when items in list management are updated
  • Display customer’s preferred time zone when using task time stamps
  • Fixed X Error for Site Settings tabs from Email/Text Templates
  • Fixed 404 error to allow double clicking to open Document Templates
  • Corrected “use same address as project or vendor” checkbox
  • Corrected ability to save a new site
  • Display accurate project information after saving project report criteria
  • Display all categories in categories grid
  • Corrected X error when opening employee records
  • Fixed Building Address field when job is created on new lead page
  • Corrected Site Settings Menu Bar on Email/Text Template page
  • Investigated CSR on work orders
  • Corrected Signature Lines for service Requested on items report
  • Corrected Vendor Mapping Popup Formatting

Restoration Manager Version 22.1 – Released February 24, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 22.1 – System Corrections
  • Fixed State Field for Non-US Customers
  • Fixed “Use Same Address as Job” checkbox
  • Corrected Job Snapshot Dates and Site Notification

Restoration Manager Version 22.0 – Released January 27, 2022

Restoration Manager Version 22.0 – New Features
  • Users can view, filter, and export the Project Account Type in the Company Contact Grid
  • A new system setting, terminology, has been created for all Restoration Manager List Dates

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Restoration Manager Version 22.0 – System Corrections
  • Added “More Phones” Checkbox on Project Contact Detail
  • Display correct Cancel icon on Equipment Detail popup
  • Fixed Items Per Page indicator on Create Item tab
  • Corrected error popup in Edit Compliance Template
  • Corrected Visible Job Portal wrapping in Item detail
  • Investigated ExpendRow Functionality
  • Added Checkbox to Save Grid Preferences on Vendor Grid
  • Fixed Endless Load when selecting Employee or Vendor in Schedule