Version 18.0 Release Notes- Released on May 6, 2020

  • Job Custom Fields
    • Added the capability to define the data types of Job Custom fields
  • Xactimate Line Item Invoice
    • Added the capability to create an Invoice for Xactimate Line Items
  • Job/Item Determination
    • Added the capability to set the Determinations for jobs or items
  • Save & Add Copy UI Updates
    • Updated the UI when you ‘Save & Add Copy’ jobs
  • Save & Add Copy – Linked Jobs
    • Added the capability to link jobs and switch between them via the UI
  • Gantt Chart for Job Schedule
    • Added a Gantt Chart for jobs
  • Contact Updates
    • Added the option for Contact Titles to be specific to Projects, Jobs, Vendors or Employees
  • Dates added to View Jobs Browser
    • Added additional dates to the View Job Browser
  • Job/Vendor/Project/Item Documents
    • Updated the UI and functionality for selecting and downloading documents
  • Inspection Review Changes
    • Updated the UI for the Inspection Review process and added more modifying capabilities
  • Correspondence – Add CC
    • Added the CC for email correspondence on the Correspondence tab
  • Delete an Estimate
    • Added the capability to delete an Xactimate estimate
  • Property Terminology
    • Added new terminology for Property/Job type
  • Cause of Loss setting
    • Added a Cause of Loss option for defining and selecting for Loss Types
  • Disable editing of Job ID
    • Added system setting for disabling the editing of a Job ID


Version 17.0 – Released on October 4th, 2019

*This release requires that you clear your browser cache. Instructions can be found here.

UI Enhancements – Loss Management

  • Loss Management has been updated with a new User Interface Grid.
    • By Job ID and By Vendor are now tabs
    • Save Grid Preferences allows the user to save the current filter criteria
    • Grid can be expanded to add more rows and to open the rows
    • Select By options have been expanded to include Equals and Contains
    • Date options have been added
    • Export Grid to Excel option has been included
    • Update All has a modified User Interface – includes all List and Item fields
    • Link to Item Detail now contains full Item Detail screen as a pop-up window for editing and saving Item Details.

UI Enhancements – Item Detail

  • Item Detail has been updated with a new User Interface.
    • Function buttons have all been moved to the top of the tab pages
    • Schedule Subject and Details have been added on Item Detail to show in the Schedules.
    • Item Details can be collapsed
    • Item Detail page can also be accessed from Loss Management

New Features

  • PDF Optimization – added the capability to optimize PDF documents to reduce the size for emailing reports from the system.
  • Added APIs for Job Costs and Item Charges
  • Added capability to Download All Documents as a zip file

Enhanced Features 

  • Breadcrumbs now contain Job IDs
  • Loss Fields have been added to the Auto Task feature
  • Delivered Date is now synced with XA
  • Xactimate Parser for Work Orders now includes the ability from system settings to choose which data from the line items to include in the Work Order (Quantity, Action, Hours, and Assemblies)
  • Unpaid Balance has been added to the Job Custom Export
  • Portal menus have been updated to be consistent with the main application

Resolved – Bug Fixes

  • Job Summary Report not sorting on Job Progress
  • Cannot delete photos in Vendor Portal after checkbox is checked in pop up
  • Loss Type drop down shows deleted list types
  • Job Documents – Error with checked box ‘Show in Project Portal’
  • Item Detail data export pulling wrong staff member
  • Task Manager – Task color is not consistent
  • Make vendor info from Job Portal hover over a setting
  • Service Requested field overlapping with Billing section when printing Work Order
  • When uploading 6 pictures from the vendor portal only 2 upload to Item
  • Sales Route – Route Status set to ‘undefined’ after deleting Route
  • Copying a Task Template does not transfer tasks because of ‘Name’ field
  • When in XM8 Parser, can’t select Pull-down on top menus
  • Not returning Project Contacts in Contacts Browser
  • Misspelling in System Settings -> Settings
  • Site inspected notification is not filling in the Site Inspected Date in the default email
  • WIP Report – inaccurate ‘Days in Production’ field when printing multiple Jobs
  • Notification email – New job lead email not populating merge fields
  • Approving vendor changes does not save information
  • Duplicates appearing in Sales Activity data export
  • Job ID terminology not updating
  • Formatting error in ‘Action Taken History’ when closing item
  • Preliminary Report – No list type when there is no item
  • Project Management Summary Dashboard not working
  • Preliminary Report – pulling primary project contact when no contact selected
  • Contact data export returning incorrect data
  • Contact data export does not return filtered information
  • Unit field not displaying data in Company portal
  • Accounting & Budgeting Dashboard shows 0 for Unpaid balance in Collections
  • SMS Text from Correspondence doesn’t work with all Sites
  • Vendor Portal saving is erroring when Full Name is too long
  • Blank pages when printing multiple work orders
  • Job Browser not showing both job flags
  • Job Custom Export – Secondary Email field doesn’t populate
  • Text Notification does not populate “List Type” field
  • Inspection Report Not printing
  • Date formatting not displayed per settings on “Action Taken” entry items
  • Date formatting not consistent in Portals
  • Global Search “Job Contact Phone #” does not work
  • Jobs with zero balance are displaying in Unpaid Balance in Collections
  • Filtered Job Browser not Exporting Grid Data to Excel properly
  • Loss Type not respected when generating auto task



Version 16.0 was released on February 22, 2019

The biggest change in this version is the updates to the user interface, we have gone with a cleaner more modern look.  Also, all the buttons have been replaced with icons.
Note: If you are unsure on the function of the icon hover over it, a description will display describing the icon function.

UI Enhancements – Dashboard

  • The Home Page is the only page panels can be removed by simply clicking the X. 
    Note: There is no save once the X is selected the panel is removed. If panels are removed from the Home Page, the information will still be visible within its respective tab.
  • New Dashboard Panel – Unpaid Balance In Collections; located within the Accounting and Budgeting Panel
    In order for the Unpaid Balance In Collections graph to function the administrator will need to select which progresses equal collections by going to Settings → System Setup → Settings → Job Settings, Job Progress
    Note: You can select more than one progress that equals Collections if applicable.
  • Job Summary Panel you still can line up the eight employees, but you can now view their work load by employee role. Occasionally the employee may fall into multiple roles on a job, but you only want to view the role of just your Project Managers you can do this by selecting that role from the Employee Type drop down and the grid will update the job count.
    Note: This is a permission-based Dashboard Panel.
  • Company Management Panel previously you could only select one progress level now you can choose multiple as well as save the grid preferences.
    Note: This is a permission-based Dashboard Panel.
  • Task Performance Panel before this release the dates were limited we added the Between date filter.
    Note: This is a permission-based Dashboard Panel.
  • Other Dashboard Enhancements
    Panels load faster.
    – Slimmed down from multiple panels to one panel.
    – New graphs.
    – Larger text.
    – Cleaner data, easier to read.

Enhancements to the View Jobs Page, Companies Page, Contacts Page and the Sub/Tech Page

  • View Jobs Page
    Increased the number of columns that can be displayed from 14 to 30
    – Added the ability to lock columns; columns to the left of the black line are locked
    – Additional filters are available within each column; select the three dots to display all the filter options.
    – Added the ability to Group by a Column.
    – Added the ability to Save Grid Preferences.
    – Added a new export; Export Grid to Excel.

Note: Previously you could click anywhere on the job row to be redirected to the Job Detail page now you have to select the Job Number to be redirected.
IMPORTANT: When re-directing to the View Jobs page from another level in Restoration Manager such as the Dashboard your preferences are not saved. The View Jobs page preferences will only be displayed when selecting the View Jobs page directly by going to Jobs → View Jobs
Tip: Single click in the blank space to the top left of the grid you can use your left and right keys to navigate within the grid.

  • Companies Page, Company Contacts Page and the Sub/Tech Page have new grids the functionality within these pages is very similar to the View Jobs Page.

New Features 

  • Loss Date Tracking – Loss Date Tracking gives the ability to track date changes. If a date is previously set and then revised the user will be prompted to add a reason the date was changed. Then you will have a history icon (date change History) which displays all date history and why the dates were changed.
    To enable this function the administrator will need to select which dates they would like to track changes for by going to Settings → System Setup → Settings → Loss Settings, Loss Date Tracking
  • XA Job Mapping – When an XactAnalysis assignment is exported to Restoration Manager there are some fields that need to be manually adjusted and/or added such as Company, Referred by, etc. To minimize the manual adjustments, we added XA Job Mapping functionality that the Administrator can setup and maintain this admin table.
    To Setup this functionality the administrator will need to go to Settings → System Setup → Settings → Other Settings, XA Job Mapping
    Initially this may be continual setup for the admin as jobs come in from XactAnalysis.
    Note: The Carrier ID and Carrier Name are added from the xml file that is processed for the assignment. Please keep referring back to the Admin Table to setup the Company, Referred By, TPA, Other Type, and Other fields. This will minimize the information that needed to be adjusted or added manually, as well as keeping information consistent.
  • Company Affiliation – This is a nice feature when you are working with a Large Company that has multiple brands, Property Management Firms, etc. To add an Affiliation, go to the Company you will see a new tab called Affiliations click the tab then the plus sign.
  • Document Templates – Added the ability to setup a template packet and assign the Packet to a Company.
    The administrator can set this up by going to Settings → Office Setup → Document Templates when setting up a Packet you have an option to select Job Based on Company.

Enhanced Features 

  • Job Detail Page
    – All icons have been removed from the job tabs.
    – We eliminated the employee flex fields and added an additional five (5) employee fields for a total of twenty.
  • Lead Entry Page
    – The address is now one field instead of two.
    – Company Affiliations are searchable within the Company field.
    – Document Merge – Company has been added and will display documents that can be merged based on the Company selection.
  • Reports
    – Work In Progress (Reports → Production → Work In Progress). We added Target Completion Changes; you can see the Current Target Completion Date, what the Original Target Completion was and the Reason the date was adjusted. We also added Earned Revenue Amount, which is based on Budget to Actual expenses multiplied by the Estimate.
    – Commission – Gross Profit (Reports → Accounting → Commission – Gross Profit). Added the ability to set a GP% limit. Example anything greater than 35% Gross Profit qualifies for a Commission and anything less than that percent will not calculate into the report for commissions to be paid.
    – Company Report Filter – All Reports that contain Company as a filter instead of having the massive scroll now you can search and select multiple companies to report off.
  • Job Portal
    – Documents now displays the number of Documents/Pictures are view able to the customer.
    – The Subcontractors contact information now displays when hovering over the Subcontractor assigned to a Work Order within the View Requests tab.
  • Company Portal
    – Job Status (Active or Inactive) and Job Name have been added to Jobs Grid.
  • Subcontractor Portal
    – Subcontractors now have the ability to attach Pictures or Documents to the Work Order. All attachments will be part of the Work Order and the Job.
    – Added a Profile tab so the Subcontractor can update their contact information.

Resolved – Bug Fixes

  • Performance Issues
  • Black X error when Printing Employees
  • Black X on Data Export of Equipment Report
  • Correspondence Detail Report not working when filtered by the Job ID
  • Editing a Work Order from the Schedule not working correctly
  • Email Template displaying List Level employees instead of Job
  • Equipment Assigned – Pages to scroll not available
  • Lead to Sale Summary Report criteria error
  • New Lead from Integration is not sending out Notifications
  • Not being redirected after deleting equipment
  • The Print Detail Report is not working on View Jobs Page
  • The Production Report Job Notes & Correspondence are truncated instead of wrapping
  • Errors when adding a new Company Contact
  • Moisture Readings Error for Australia Customers Only
  • Save & Add Copy not copying Bldg/Unit
  • Schedule selecting back button displays the Job ID instead of the Address
  • Subject of the Work Order created through the Schedule is not saved
  • System Setting to copy Job Contacts when Copying a Job not working
  • Unable to Email or print a PO in Edge when ordering Consumables
  • Sub/Tech Acceptance button spanning multiple lines when Terminology is changed
  • Xactimate Jobs failing on jobs not located in the U.S.
Version 15.0 was released on August 25, 2018 New Features:
  • Consumable Tracking – Added the ability to track Consumables quantities on hand, usage, inventory count adjustments, and Purchase Orders (P.O.), re-order level and receive quantities.
  • Dashboards – Added two (2) new dashboards – Company Management Summary – Task Performance Analytics Note: The Admin can select whether these panels are available to the employee by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Employees, Permissions Tab – Manager’s Dashboard
  • Contacts Page: – Added the ability to add a new contact from the Contacts Page. – Last Search saved on the Page
  • Admin System Setting Permissions: Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings – Do not show Job Progress change messages – Show Sub/Techs on Jobs – Show Subs/Techs on Companies – Stock P.O. Auto-number option
  • Employee Permissions: Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Employees, Permissions Tab – Enable Send Correspondence to XA – Enable Send Documents & Pics to XA – Enable XA Trans ID Entry – Request Completed Task Notification – Adjustment – Issue P.O. – Receive P.O. – Set Trigger – Transfer Stock – Void P.O.
  • Employee Settings: Help/Tools→ Tools→ Employee Settings – Create Employee Email Signature for Emails
  • Employee Certificates: – Certification Types – Add the ability to setup certification types. Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Other Settings, Certification Types – Certifications – Added the ability to apply employee certifications. Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Employees – Employee Certifications Report – Reports→ Other→ Employee Certifications
Enhanced Features:
  • Companies and Company Contacts Page – Added Intuitive Search when adding a new Company or Company Contact to prevent duplicate Companies or Contacts being entered.
  • Preliminary Report – Added the Primary and Secondary Job Contact email addresses to the report.
  • Work Orders – When the work order has been scheduled (Start & End date/time) and the Send WO button has been selected the email now includes the appointment .ics file.
  • Office Performance and Office Budget Performance Panels – Added the ability to generate a Detailed or Summary Report and the option to Export to excel.
  • Task Notification emails now include more details.
  • New Lead Entry Page: – Added the option to select “Use Same Address as Company” when creating a New Contact. – Added the option to Map Jobs in the Area by clicking the new Map icon.
  • Job Snapshot – Time field added to the Target Start and Target Completion Dates.
  • Scheduled Reports – Now all reports have the option to be automatically generated and emailed out on a set basis. Reminder: The report must be memorized before the schedule can be applied.
  • Correspondence Email Subject Line – When emailing from Correspondence and a template hasn’t been selected the subject line of the email defaults to the Job ID, Job Name. i.e. 18-1069H20, Mailk Jackson
  • Reports: – Referral Report – Added the ability to export the report and added Job Name to the export. – Job Gross Profit Report – Job Progress has been added to the report. – Job Custom Export – Added three (3) new fields; Job Started Date, Job End Date and Determination
  • Tasks: – Added date filter when reporting off Completed Tasks. To Do → Tasks → Select By: Completed – Added the ability when a new Task is created to check a box; Email when task is completed you can also cc two (2) other employees to be included on the Task Completion Notification.
  • XactAnalysis Integration – Job Type has been added to the Job Detail Page. i.e. General, Emergency, etc.
  • Sales Route – You can now remove contacts from a Route and delete a route instead of just inactivating it.
  • Job Documents & Pictures – Added the ability to uploaded Documents or Pictures when jobs are linked to the Linked Jobs folder.
  • Tasks – Added date filter when reporting off Completed Tasks. To Do → Tasks → Select By: Completed
  • Tools: – Update Staff on Job – Added all Staff Descriptions as an option to update the Employee assignment – Apply Task Templates to All Jobs – Added Loss Types as another criteria option
  • Job Snapshot – Added the ability to see the Loss Type assigned to the Job.
  • TechLoc Integration – Now sends the New Lead into TechLoc
  • Work Orders – Enhanced the fields that can be selected to be displayed on Work Orders sent to a Subcontractor or Customer. Help/Tools→ Tools→ Office Setup→ Reporting, Work Order Report Settings (customize fields)
  • Job Portal: Help/Tools→ Tools→ Office Setup→ Job Portal – Show Emergency/After Hours in Portal – Portal Theme Selection – Portal Menu
  • Job, Company and Subcontractor Portals – Added the ability to upload more than one file at a time.
Resolved – Bug Fixes:
  • Photo Report – Job Notes were not displaying.
  • Job Activity Report – Text Box was cut off.
  • Equipment Summary by Job doesn’t take you to the Job.
  • Terminology for Job Name not respected within the View Jobs Page.
  • Loss link was missing on the Schedule.
Version 14.0 was released on May 5, 2018 New FeatureCreate Xactimate Project: Users now have the ability to send a Job to Xactimate to create the Project. Expand the Job Snapshot and click Send Job to Xactimate button. Note: The Xactimate Project is created in the Carrier Profile, progress set to A/In Progress, and can be accessed from Desktop and Online accounts. Important: 1. To use this new feature the Xactimate Vendor Exchange and XactAnalysis integration’s must be enabled. To enable these integration’s please provide your assigned trainer with your XactNet Address for each user/location and Company Account ID Number (6 digit number). 2. The administrator will need to enable the employee permission by going to Help/Tools → Tools → System Setup → Employee Record→ Permissions Tab→ Integrations – Create Xactimate Project. New FeatureText Templates: We added a new Text Template feature which enables the ability to select the template when sending a text. Note: The administrator can setup the Text Templates by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ Office (Division, Location) Setup→ Text Templates. Example of the Text Template sent New FeatureText Notifications: We added the ability to send a text as a Notification, now you can choose to send an Email Notification, Text Message Notification or both. Note: The administrator can setup Text Notifications by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ Office (Division, Location) Setup→ Notifications – Radio Button, Text Message. Important: The contact selected to receive the text will need to have the SMS/Text number applied to their contact and/or employee record. New FeatureDashboard Panel – Invoiced by Month: New Dashboard Panel added Invoiced by Month. This panel shows invoiced sales year to date by month. The panel is calculated using all leads that have an invoiced amount in the current year and the values are based off the invoiced date. Two Reports can be printed from the panel the first print icon is Invoiced Register – Current Month Report the second print icon is the Invoiced Register – Current Year Report. Example of Invoiced by Month panel New FeatureTask Reassignment Tool: We added the ability to mass reassign Tasks from one employee to another. The Reassignment Tool can be located by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ Reassign Job Tasks. New FeatureTask Template Assignment Tool: We added the ability to mass assign Task Templates to Jobs. The Task Assignment Tool can be located by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ Assign Task Templates to All Jobs. New FeaturePhoto Report – Admin Setting: We added a new Admin Setting to display Job Custom Fields on the Photo Report. Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Photo Report Settings: Display Job Custom Fields. New FeatureEmployee Permissions – Change Status & Report Printing: We added two new Employee Permissions Change Status (Active/Inactive) and Report Printing. Note: The administrator can enable these new employee permissions by going to Help/Tools → Tools → System Setup → Employee Record→ Permissions Tab. Change Status: If this permission is selected the employee will be able to change the Status of the record from Active to Inactive or vice versa. Report Printing: If this permission is selected the employee will be able to print reports available at the bottom of these pages. EnhancementReport Adjustments:
  • Job → Job Custom Export Added add Employee Fields and Custom Dates to the Selection Pane.
  • Job → Job Detail Added Job Completed Date in the Report
  • Job → Job Detail Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Target Start, Target Completion and Job Completed. As well as making the made the following adjustments to the Report. Removed Date Projected Closed and replaced it with “Target Completion Date”. Removed Date Closed and replaced it with “Job Completed”.
  • Job → Job Aging with Gross Profit Analysis Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Date Site Inspected, Estimate Approved, Target Start Date, Target Completion, Drying Started, Drying Completed, Job Completed and Job Not Sold. Also, added Job Completed Date in the Report.
  • Marketing → Referral Source Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Job Completed and Job Not Sold. Also, added Job Completed in the Report.
  • Marketing → Lead To Sale Summary Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Job Completed and Job Not Sold.
  • Marketing → Marketing Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Estimate Approved, Job Completed and Job Not Sold.
  • Production → Production and Production Schedule Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Date Site Inspected, Estimate Approved, Target Start Date, Target Completion, Drying Started, Drying Completed, Job Completed and Job Not Sold. Removed Site Inspection Appt. and replaced it with “Site Inspected”. Removed Date Closed and replaced it with “Job Completed”.
  • Production → Production Summary Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Date Site Inspected, Estimate Approved, Target Start Date, Target Completion, Drying Started, Drying Completed, Job Completed and Job Not Sold. Adjusted the height of the report headers due to the text being cut off. Removed Date Closed and replaced it with “Job Completed”.
  • Production → Company Recap Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Date Site Inspected, Estimate Approved, Target Start Date, Target Completion, Drying Started, Drying Completed, Job Completed and Job Not Sold.
  • Production → Pipeline Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Date Site Inspected, Estimate Approved, Target Start Date, Target Completion, Drying Started, Drying Completed, Job Completed and Job Not Sold.
  • Production → Work In Progress Added the following dates to the report criteria date drop-down; Date Site Inspected, Estimate Approved, Target Start Date, Target Completion, Drying Started, Drying Completed, Job Completed and Job Not Sold
EnhancementDefault Email Notification – Employee Change: The Employee on the Job Changes Default Email Notification now includes the Job ID and Job Name. EnhancementJob – Equipment: Moved the Equipment from a Work Order to the Job. Now Equipment can be assigned without a Work Order, previously a Work Order was required in order to assign Equipment. EnhancementText Features:
  • When applying a SMS/Text number the SMS address is no longer needed now you only need to apply the phone number. Note: After the SMS/Text number is applied and saved the Text Now button will no longer be greyed out if it is a valid number.
  • Text Template has been added to the Reminders page.
  • Employee record now includes the SMS/Text field.
  • The text character limitation has been increased from 165 characters to 320.
EnhancementJob – Company Link: Added an image link next to the Company field on the Job Detail page. By selecting the image the page will redirect to the Company Detail page. EnhancementCalendar Features:
  • Added a Save Settings button to the Employee, Job, and Sub/Tech Calendar. This new function gives the ability for the end user to select their preferred configuration for that Calendarso when they navigate back to that schedule it is consistent.
  • Enhanced the details that display on the scheduled calendar event.
  • Added the ability to add a Work Order from a Calendar Event, by double clicking on the Event.
EnhancementXactAnalysis Integration:
  • Documents & Pictures now import from XactAnalysis back to the Job in Restoration Manager.
  • When a Document/Picture is uploaded to RM and Send to XA is selected the Document/Picture Title and Description are now being sent back to XactAnalysis.
EnhancementMap Me – Added Sub/Techs: Modified the Map Me feature to now include Subs/Techs when the option is selected Jobs and Subs/Techs will display on the Map. EnhancementDocuments & Pictures – Select all Photos: Added an option to Select all Photos that can be added into the Photo Report. Previously each picture needed to be selected. EnhancementView Jobs Page:
  • Adjusted the width of the page.
  • Added two new filters; Employees and Company Resources.
EnhancementNew Lead Page – Locations: When Locations are applied to a Company and that Company is selected within the New Lead page the Locations drop-down will now display to select a Location. When the Location is selected from the drop-down the Location information will populate the Job Contact and Address within the Lead Entry page. EnhancementXWOW Button Description Adjustment: Adjusted the Review button description to Skip Budget. ResolvedJob Snapshot – Job Start & End Dates: When the Job Start and End were added or changed it would also change all Work Order schedules. This has been resolved. ResolvedTasks – Not Sold: Jobs marked as Not Sold were applying Date Closed Tasks to the Job. This has been resolved. ResolvedSave & Add Copy:
  • The Date of Loss and Date Received should be copied from the existing job.
  • If a user double clicks the Save button, it will create two new jobs in the system.
  • When an XA Job is copied it is also the XA TRANS ID #
These issues have been resolved. ResolvedXWOW:
  • Decimals were applied to the end of assemblies.
  • XWOW Duplicated + Subs were appearing in the Sub/Tech drop-down menu when adding a Work Order.
These issues have been resolved. ResolvedWork Orders: Duplicate Work Orders created when the conflict message displayed and OK was selected. This has been resolved. ResolvedTask Templates – Sales Manager: Sales Manager missing from the Task Template assigned drop-down. This has been resolved. ResolvedSend Correspondence Page – Document Attachment: The document attachment description is missing from the display within the send Correspondence page. This has been resolved. ResolvedAccounting Reports – Overlapping Text: Accounting reports have overlapping text when in $ Millions. This has been resolved. ResolvedScheduled Reports: Scheduled Reports not saving the correct parameters. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Cost Detail Report: Column Headers were supposed to be applied to each page of the report, job age wasn’t displaying properly, along with a couple of terminology adjustments. This issues have been resolved. ResolvedCompany Portal: Documents, Pictures and Correspondence were not displaying when the Show in Company Portal was selected. This has been resolved. ResolvedEmployee Record: Updated By Logon ID wasn’t stamping, when the record was added or adjusted. This has been resolved. ResolvedReset Password: Reset Password link not working when a there is a special character in the name. This has been resolved. ResolvedCalendar Export: The .ics calendar export is not respecting time zones. This has been resolved. ResolvedWork Order – Logo: Work Order Logos not displaying. This has been resolved. ResolvedIntuitive Mobile:
  • Sales Manager not respecting terminology changes.
  • Deleted Sub Categories displaying.
  • Adding new Company Contact required First & Last Name field.
These issues have been resolved. Version 13.0 was released on January 26, 2018 New FeatureChange Log: A new tab has been added to the Job Detail called ‘Change Log’. This tracks any changes made on the Job Detail page and Job Snapshot ONLY. New FeatureScheduled Memorized Reports: Users now have the ability to schedule memorized reports to be automatically generated and emailed out to them on a set basis. To schedule a memorized report, go to Reports → Memorized → Memorized Reports. Important Steps: 1. The report must be memorized first before it can be scheduled to be emailed. 2. Go to Reports → Memorized → Memorized Reports 3. Select the Report you would like to schedule Currently only the following reports will work with the new scheduled feature.
              • Job → Job Custom Export
              • Job → Job Summary
              • Job → Job Aging with Gross Profit Analysis
              • Marketing → Lead to Sale
              • Marketing → Sales Activity
              • Production → Production
              • Production → Work in Progress
              • Production → Job Gross Profit
              • Accounting → Collections
              • Accounting → AR Aging Invoice
              • Work Order → Work Order Detail
              • Work Order → Work Order Overdue
              • Work Order → Hot Sheet 3
              • Work Order → Hot Sheet 5
              • Loss → Loss Summary
              • Sub/Tech → Sub/Tech Summary
              • Sub/Tech → Sub/Tech Aging
New FeatureSub/Tech Distance Mapping: The new Sub/Tech Distance Mapping feature will allow you to select the Sub/Tech that is closest to the job where work needs to be performed. Important: If you would like to begin using the Sub/Tech Distance Mapping feature there is a $25.00 monthly fee. Please contact your account manager/sales representative to activate and start using the Sub/Tech Distance Mapping Today! Turning this feature on will also activate the Job – Map Me and Sales Route functionality. Note: Even once this feature is turned on Lat/Long must be applied to your existing Sub/Tech records this can be completed by going to the record and clicking save. Lat/Longs will be applied automatically to any new Sub/Tech record that is added into Restoration Manager. Work Order Detail Page – Sub/Tech Mapping button Selecting the Sub/Tech Mapping button will open a dialog box that will display the Subs/Techs that are closest to the job. You can increase and/or decrease the distance along with further narrowing your search using one of the other search filters; Name, Type, Distance from Job (MI), Notes, City, State and Status. You will also have the ability to make a Sub/Tech selection from this page and Assign them to the Work Order. Otherwise click the Map Me button to proceed to the Map. Selecting the Map Me button will open the Map Page. The black house is the job where the work is being performed and the green stars is the location of the Subs/Techs. Single click one of the stars to display the Sub/Tech information. You can also click the red Assign button to assign the Sub/Tech to the Work Order. New FeatureDocument Types: Document Type this forces all documents that are uploaded to have a consistent title. The title would be selected from a pull down menu. Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options, Enable Document Types. Once the feature is turned another admin Setting will display in Settings; Other Settings, Document Types within this table is where the Document Titles will be applied. Enable Document Types Example: Job Document Upload – Title now has a pull down menu to select from. Note: If this setting is turned on and Document Templates are being used the admin will need to apply the Template Title to each document. New FeatureWO Reminder: We added the ability to auto send work order email reminders to the following individuals assigned to the Work Order Estimator, Project Manager, Sub/Tech, Primary Job Contact or the Secondary Job Contact. Note: The administrator can setup the WO Reminder up by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Reminders. Example of the Email Reminder sent New FeatureWork Order Detail Page – Review Repairs Tab: We added a new Admin Setting when turned on a new Review Repairs Tab will be displayed within the Work Order Detail page. This will allow someone to add review notes when the Sub/Tech has stated the work has been completed. Also within the new Review Repairs tab a Task can also be created. Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options. Show WO Review? New FeatureData Exports – Admin Setting: We added a new Admin Setting regarding the format of Data Exports exporting in .xlsx or .csv format. Note: To select your preferred format the administrator can complete this by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options. Data Export Format: Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) or Comma Seperated (*.csv) By default this setting will be set to .xlsx New FeatureAuto Close Claims (Losses) – Admin Setting: We added a new Admin Setting that auto closes Claims (Losses) older than X amount of days. Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options. This setting looks at the Loss date not the Work Order date. Also if this setting is turned on it is retro active and will automatically close Losses and Work Orders per the number of days that have been applied. Auto Close Claims (Losses) older than _ days EnhancementTask Templates – Additional Date Options: The following dates have been added to Task Templates when using the Auto-Create Condition.
              • Site Inspected
              • Estimate Approved
              • Target Start Date
              • Target Completion
              • Drying Started
              • Drying Completed
              • Job Completed
              • Job Not Sold
              • Date Closed
EnhancementXWOW – Xactimate Work Order Wizard: XWOW now includes Labor Hours and Assemblies (Supplies like Paint, etc.). Example of a Work Order with Assemblies and Labor Hours EnhancementGoogle Address – Zip Code: An enhancement has been added to the Google Address search that allows a user to enter the Zip Code when they start adding the address, it will first limit the results returned to that zip code vs searching based on the users location. EnhancementOffice (Location/Division) Notifications: When setting up Notifications for a specific Office (Location/Division) and you would like the notifications settings to be applied to your other Offices (Locations/Divisions) you now have the ability to click a box – apply to all Offices (Locations/Divisions). Previously you would have to log into each Office (Location/Division) to setup the Notifications. EnhancementTasks – URL Link: Added a URL link to Tasks Note: When clicking the Go to URL button it opens in the same tab. Quick Email now includes the URL Link New URL Link displays in the Task page, Job Task Tab, and the Company/Company Contact Task Tab. EnhancementDashboard Panel – Report Adjustments: We added a new summary export and made some adjustments to the detailed export following Estimator, Project Manager, and Loss – Work in Progress and the Estimator, Project Manager, and Loss Closed Job Performance Dashboard Panels. EnhancementDocument Merge & Email Template New Merge Fields: The following Merge Fields have been added for use in Document Merge and Email Templates.
              • Site Inspected
              • Estimate Approved
              • Target Start Date
              • Target Completion
              • Drying Started
              • Drying Completed
              • Job Completed
              • Job Not Sold
              • Date Closed
EnhancementJob Cost Detail by Cost Code Report: Modifications have been made to the Job Cost Detail by Cost Code Report. Job→ $ Costs Tab→ Job Cost Detail by Cost Code Report Sample of Modified Report EnhancementDocument and Pictures – Special Character #: We made an enhancement to allow the ‘#’ in a file name on Documents and Pictures. Previously, if a file was sent in via email sync that had a # in it, the file would not open. EnhancementSend WO Button: Send WO button will now Save and Send the Work Order. Previously, if the Send WO button was selected it would not send until the Work Order was saved. ResolvedJob Custom Export: Reports→ Job→ Job Custom Export Company was appearing as a blank field in the Job Custom Export. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Custom Export: Reports→ Job→ Job Custom Export Sales Manager was not an available field to select in the Job Custom Export. This has been resolved. ResolvedXactAnalysis Integration – Date: Date Site Inspected wasn’t exporting to XactAnalysis when the date was entered within the Loss Management page. ResolvedDocument Merge: Document Merge wasn’t working in Internet Explorer. This has been resolved. ResolvedNew Lead Entry – New Contact: Within the New Lead Entry page slowness was being experienced with the New Contact drop down. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Documents & Pictures – Changed By Field: The Changed By field in the Job Documents & Pictures tab wasn’t populating correctly. This has been resolved. ResolvedCollections Report: Reports→ Accounting→ Collections The Collections Report wasn’t filtering the date correctly. This has been resolved. ResolvedEmail Template Merge Field: Email Template – List Determination (Reason a Job wasn’t sold) wasn’t merging. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Detail Report: Reports→ Job→ Job Detail The Job Detail Report was generating a 100 page report, when one address was selected within the report criteria page. This has been resolved. ResolvedDuplicate Work Orders: Duplicate Work Orders were being created when Save & Print was selected. This has been resolved. ResolvedCalendar Schedule Error: If an appointment is scheduled with the end time before the start time it breaks the calendar view. This has been resolved. ResolvedWork Order Documents – Error: When selecting the Documents tab in a Work Order an error would be received if Save wasn’t selected on the Work Order. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Documents & Pictures – Changed By Field: The Changed By field in the Job Documents & Pictures tab wasn’t populating correctly. This has been resolved. ResolvedTask Templates:
              • Task Templates not respecting Site (Office) selection.
              • Task Title wasn’t validating when as required when a new Task is added.
              • Task Templates wouldn’t save if the Description text was over 250 characters.
These issues have been resolved. Version 12.0 was released on August 25, 2017 New Feature – .NET Hygrometer Readings: We added the ability to apply Hygrometer Readings within the Moisture Readings tab on the Job in .NET. New FeatureSales Route: A new Sales Route functionality has been added, this will help your team determine the best route when planning out their day.  To build the Sales Route go to the Contacts→ Company Contacts page. The Sales Route can be created off the Marketing Rep, Address (City or Zip), Title, Territory, Marketing Category, Company and/or Company Type.  Once the route is created the route directions can be sent to your phone. Important: If you would like to begin using the Sales Route functionality there is a $25.00 monthly fee. Please contact your account manager/sales representative to activate and start using the Sales Route and the Map Me functionality today! Contacts→ Company Contacts Run Route Hover over one of the pins to display the details. Send directions to your phone New FeatureXWOW – Xactimate Work Order Wizard: We added the ability to create Work Orders off the Xactimate line items.  A new tab will display on the job called Create WOs after the Estimate has been exported from Xactimate to RM. Note: The Create WOs tab will only appear on new jobs the estimate has been uploaded to not existing jobs. Important: This new feature will only work if your on Xactimate Version 28 and integrated with Xactimate Vendor Exchange (this integration sends the estimate to RM).  If you’re using Xactimate_PDF_Send this integration will not work with XWOW. Please contact your assigned trainer if you have any other questions so they can assist further.  Thank you! Sample of the Work Order New Feature – Photo Report: We have added the ability to create a Photo Report.  This report can be generated after your pictures have been uploaded to the Job → Documents & Pics tab.  Next select the pictures you would like added to the Photo Report a green camera icon will appear after the first picture is selected.  Once you have selected all of the pictures you would like to apply to the Photo Report click the green camera icon to generate the Photo Report. Sample of the Photo Report New FeatureWeb API’s: Web API’s provides the ability to access data fields that are available to generate custom reports, etc. Note: Your IT department (person or company) will need to be setup as an employee with a username and password to have access to our API’s. Enhancement$ Costs Tab: The Costs page now displays the date the Estimate, Budget and/or Actual costs were last updated. EnhancementPicture Viewer (Job→ Documents & Pics tab): We re-implemented the picture viewer within the Documents & Pics tab so you can easily navigate photo to photo. Click on the All Photos button The photos will load click on the photo to display the arrows EnhancementAudio Files (Job→ Documents & Pics tab): We added the ability for audio file formats to play and run in the browser. (mp3 (audio), mp4 (video) are recommended as they are supported by all browsers. Other Types: Audio – wav, aac, m4a, oga and Video – webm, ogg, ogv, ogx) Clicking on the View/Movie icon the video will run in the browser. EnhancementDocument Merge – New Message (Job→ Document Merge tab): The following new message will display “Standby – we are merging your documents…” when your documents are merging.   EnhancementView Jobs page (Jobs→ View Jobs): Added the ability to select multiple Job Progresses or Loss Types. Now you can select all or as many as desired, previously you could only select all or one. EnhancementNew Lead Entry Page Modifications: We added four (4) enhancements to the New Lead page. 1. You can now search for the Contact and/or Company for all additional contact fields (Referral, Agent, Adjuster, etc.).  Previously you could only search off the Contact name. 2. We moved the Company Contact and Company Billing fields under the Company. Previously this was located at the bottom of the New Lead Entry page and didn’t display until a Company was selected. 3. We added an edit button next to the Company and Additional Contacts so the record can be edited from the New Lead Entry Page. 4. We added a Create New Company and Create New Contact button. Previously you would need to check the box next to the field you were on to add the information, if this applied to another field you were not able to apply it as it would cause a duplicate.  With this new enhancement the New Company and/or Contact is saved and can be applied immediately into the respective field. EnhancementJob Correspondence: When adding a job correspondence that is associated with an Additional Contact – Company Contact (Agent, Adjuster, Referral, etc.)  the Correspondence will now appear on the Company Contact Correspondence record. Previously this was only a job related correspondence. EnhancementWork In Progress Report: We made the following adjustments to the report.
  • Added Staff 4 field
  • Added Actual to Budget % Complete
  • Adjusted the placement of Job Progress and Company
EnhancementCorrespondence Summary and Correspondence Detail Reports: Added the ability to export the report to excel. Reports→ Other→  Correspondence Summary and/or Correspondence Detail Enhancement – SMS (text) bubble addresses: We added an SMS address information for Australia, Canada and New Zealand. ResolvedAssigned Equipment: When equipment is assigned the Name, Barcode and Class wasn’t posting. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Summary of Equipment and Consumables Report: Reports→ Equipment→ Job Summary of Equipment and Consumables The Project Manager was showing as “Admin A. Admin” on the Job Summary of Equipment and Consumables data export. This has been resolved. ResolvedNew Lead Page – multiple Offices (Sites): When logged into multiple Offices (Sites) the terminology wasn’t respecting the Office (Site) selected within the New Lead Page.  This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Completed Date and Job Not Sold:  Job Completed Date and the Job Not Sold Date wasn’t triggering the Job Progress update or Notification. This has been resolved. ResolvedKPI’s:
  • KPI Notifications were not being sent.
  • KPI’s were not updating on the Job Accountability dashboard panel.
These issues have been resolved. ResolvedSave & Add Copy – Unit #: Unit # was not saving when using Job Save & Add Copy. ResolvedNew Lead Entry Page – Addresses: Long typed addresses were causing an error within the New Lead Entry Page. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Documents & Pics – Title: When uploading a document to Job Documents & Pics the Title was duplicating upon saving. This has been resolved. ResolvedEmployee Permission – Allow GP Graph View: Employee Permission – Allow GP Graph View was missing and has been restored. ResolvedWork In Progress Dashboard Panels: The data for all WIP Dashboard Panels and Reports wasn’t being calculated properly. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Summary – Dashboard Panel: When there are more than 14 Job Progresses it was causing an overlapping issue, a scroll bar has been added to resolve the overlapping. ResolvedCommission – Gross Profit Report: Reports→ Accounting→ Commission – Gross Profit Commission – Gross Profit Report wasn’t generating a canned report or data export. This has been resolved. ResolvedWork Order – Budget Costs: When using the Send WO button the Budget costs weren’t displaying on the Work Order. This has been resolved. Version 11.3 was released on June 23, 2017 Enhancement – Job Costs – Reports: We added another export option; Print Excel to the Job Cost Summary, Job Cost Detail by Cost Type, Estimate Summary and the Budget by Cost Type Reports. The Print Excel option exports with the Report Header and Footer. This feature was added to the Job Cost Detail by Cost Code and Budget by Cost Code reports in Version 11.1. Enhancement – ROI on Company and Company Contact: We have modified the Sales Information/ROI panel to improve page loading speed for the Company and Company Contact page by adding a “Show Sales Data” button which will calculate the ROI and Sales data and display the graph. New Show Sales Data Button: New Show Sales Data Button Pressed: Populated ROI Panel: Resolved – User Permissions:Employees with the User permissions were able to view all jobs similar to a Power User. This has been resolved. Version 11.1 was released on June 10, 2017 EnhancementXactAnalysis Integration – TRANS ID: The Administrator can now apply the XactAnalysis TRANS ID to an existing Restoration Manager job.  Once the Transaction ID has been applied and saved the XactAnalysis Icon will display after the page has been refreshed and the Job will now be able to communicate back to XactAnalysis. XactAnalysis TRANS ID   EnhancementKey Performance Indicator (KPI) Date Adjustment: Target Completion Date has been added and Job Not Sold Date has been removed. Note: The KPI’s were modified in our 11.0 release to allow for the new date fields as well as it now allows the Admin to select what criteria the KPI timing calculates from vs. all being calculated from the Date Received.  The KPI Date Settings are found under the Loss Types section by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Loss Settings, Loss Types. Enhancement – Job Costs – Reports: We added another export option; Print Excel to the Job Cost Detail by Cost Code and the Budget by Cost Code Report. The Print Excel option exports with the Report Header and Footer. Print Excel Report Sample: Export to Excel Report Sample: Enhancement – SMS (text) bubble addresses: We added an additional SMS address for Verizon, hover over the SMS bubble to display the most common SMS addresses. EnhancementRequest for Bid – Awarded Email: We added the ability for a custom email to be sent when the Sub has been awarded the work. Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Other Options Admin Setting Sample of Awarded Email Sent A sample of Default Canceled Bid Email Sent to the Subs that were not awarded the work. ResolvedXactAnalysis Integration – Dates: The Site Inspection Appointment date was importing into XactAnalysis instead of the Date Site Inspected.  This has been corrected. Resolved – Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Setup: When any adjustments were made within the KPI setup page they were not saving, this has been resolved. Resolved – Job Documents & Pics – Item Attachment Folder: The Item Attachment folder in the Job Documents & Pics tab can no longer be moved or edited by a user once it has been created in the Item Document tab. A sample of the message that will display to the bottom right of your page.       Version 11.0 was released on May 26, 2017 New Feature – Implemented Google API to auto-fill form addresses: This feature uses Google to search for addresses and auto populate the information for the user.  This change has been added to all fields where an address would be added, including New Lead Entry form, Company, Company Contact and others.  The user simply starts typing the address and it pulls up addresses for you. New FeatureSecure Site now https: All sites are now secure using https vs http   New Feature – Option to Auto-create a Company Contact that is the Company Name: A new setting has been added that will Auto-create the Primary Contact with the same name as the Company upon adding a new Company from the New Lead or Company page. Example: if a new company is created called Jaxson Agency, a contact would also be create called Jaxson Agency. Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings → Other Options Admin Setting   New Feature – Ability to SMS (text) from the Job, Company and Sub/Tech records: We have added the ability to send an SMS text to a Job Contact, Company Contact or Sub/Tech Contact directly from the system.  This does require the person to know who their cell phone carrier is as it is entered like an email address.  Example: Note: If the recipient of the text texts back it will be received in your email inbox                 Hover over the SMS bubble to display the most common SMS addresses.           Under Correspondence, there is a new Text Contact drop down menu. Select the recipient you would like to text then apply your message in the Send SMS pop-up, click the green Send button. All sent Texts are stored as Correspondence with a Type called Text. New Feature – ROI on Company and Company Contact: We have modified the Sales Information panel for the Company and Company Contact page by adding in a ROI portion as well as now showing Marketing $ Spent on a Total, YTD and MTD basis. New FeatureOption to apply Equipment Charges to Actual or Estimate: Added the option for Equipment charges to be applied into the Estimate or Actual column within the cost page. Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings → Other Options Admin Setting     New FeatureNew Documents Tab added to the Work Order Detail page: Added the ability to attach Documents such as Scopes, Selections, etc. to Work Orders before they are sent. When uploading Documents to a Work Order a Folder is automatically created with the Work Order number.   Work Order sent with the uploaded Document attached. Also, a folder is created for the Job within the Documents & Pics tab it is stored in a sub-folder under the Attachments folder. New FeatureHide specific information when sending Work Orders: We added the ability to hide specific information when sending a Work Order to the assigned Sub/Tech or to the Job Contact. Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ Office Setup→ Reporting New FeatureSchedule Work Orders from the Job or Sub/Tech Schedule:  Added the ability to schedule a non-scheduled Work Order from the Job or Sub/Tech Schedule. Within the schedule select the block of time you would like to schedule the following Event Detail pop-up will display. Single click the row you would like to schedule then click the Save button.   New Feature – Accept and Reject buttons added to the email body for sent Work Orders: We added the ability to display an Accept or Reject button within the body of the email for sent Work Orders. Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings → Work Order Report Settings Admin Setting Sent Item Accept and Reject buttons   New FeatureRequest for Bid – canceled Email: We have added the ability for a custom email to be sent when the Sub receives the canceled Request for Bid. Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings → Other Options Admin Setting Sample of Canceled Request for Bid Sent   New Feature – New Release Splash Screen:  Going forward on all new releases, a Splash Screen will appear on your first login after a release has been made this will provide you with some quick highlights.  After OK is selected, the screen disappears and will not appear again until another new release comes out. EnhancementJob Snapshot – Modifications: The Job Snapshot page has been reconfigured and includes the following new date fields; Date Site Inspected, Estimate Approved, Target Start Date, Target Completion, Drying Started, Drying Completed, Job Completed and Job Not Sold.  If the job is a XactAnalysis Job, it will display the XactAnalysis logo next to each date field that ties into XA. Note: The KPI’s have also been modified to allow for the new date fields as well as it now allows the Admin to select what criteria the KPI timing calculates from vs. all being calculated from the Date Received.  The KPI Date Settings are found under the Loss Types section by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Loss Settings, Loss Types. EnhancementKPI  Modifications: KPI setup has been reconfigured and now includes the following new date fields; Date Site Inspected, Estimate Approved, Target Start Date, Target Completion, Drying Started, Drying Completed, Job Completed. You can also setup the KPI off other date parameters, previously when setting  up KPIs you had to go back to when the job was received. Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Loss Settings, Loss Types EnhancementNew Lead Page – Company Contacts: Added the ability to capture the phone numbers and email address when a new Company Contact is being added from the New Lead page. EnhancementEstimated % Complete to Job, Job Snapshot and WIP Report: This feature adds in a new field under Costs called Estimated % Complete.  This allows a user to input the % Complete they estimate they are on the job.  This % shows up on the Job Snapshot and also appears on the WIP report. Cost Page:     Job Snapshot Page:                           Work In Progress Report:               EnhancementJob Summary – Dashboard (Manager’s Dashboard): Previously on this page, when employees were selected and a user navigated away from this screen, they would have to re-select the employees. Now the employees selected automatically save and appear when the user navigates to this screen. EnhancementAbility to report off Custom KPI Dates: We have added the ability to report off of any custom KPI date field within the following reports.
  • Job → Job Custom Export
  • Job → Job Detail
  • Job → Job Aging with Gross Profit Analysis
  • Marketing → Referral Source
  • Marketing → Lead to Sale
  • Marketing → Marketing
  • Production → Production
  • Production → Production w/Schedule
  • Production → Production Summary
  • Production → Work In Progress
  • Production → Company Recap
  • Production → Pipeline
  • Production → Collections
  EnhancementJob Cost Reports: Removed the formatting when using the export to excel option for all the Job Cost Reports. EnhancementJob Browser: The Work Scheduled – End Date has been added as a option to display. EnhancementConstant Contact – Company Type: Added the ability to search off Company Type for the Constant Contact Integration. ResolvedSave & Add Copy:
  • Job ID, was not working properly so it was temporarily removed.
  • Address, when making address adjustments within the save & add copy page they were not being respected.
Both of these issues have been resolved. ResolvedWork In Progress Report: Reports→ Production→ Work In Progress The Company was missing when exporting this report to excel.  This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Gross Profit Report: Reports→ Production→ Job Gross Profit Within the data Export there was an issue with the period Invoice Column not totally out correctly.  This has been resolved. ResolvedWork in Progress – Dashboard Panels: The over/under was not calculating correctly.  This has been resolved. ResolvedDashboard Panels – Numbering of Employees inconsistent: The numbering of Employees is inconsistent/non-numerical. It was displaying 8, 9, 10,18 etc. This affected the following panels.
  • Office Performance
  • Office Budget Performance
  • Estimator Performance
  • Project Manager Performance
  • Loss Type Performance
This has been resolved. ResolvedTask Summary Report – Export to Excel:  Now displays all information vs. cutting it off at 40 characters. ResolvedTasks: When using the Quick Complete button it would remove all other resolutions. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Schedule Calendar: When clicking the view schedule button from the job the calendar was not fully populating.  This has been resolved. ResolvedWork Order – Cancel button: When selecting the Cancel button within a Work Order it would disable all the other buttons. This has been resolved.   Version 10.0 was released on February 3, 2017 New Feature Quick Add Tasks and Correspondence – Company Contacts: Added the ability to quick add a Task and/or Correspondence from the Company Contacts Page. Click the green + sign to quick add the Task and/or Correspondence for that contact. New FeatureGlobal Search – Job Common Fields: Added the ability to search for Job Common Fields from the global search tool. The search will query the following fields:
  • Primary Contact (Name, Phone, Email)
  • Secondary Contact (Name, Phone, Email)
  • Billing Contact (Name, Phone, Email)
  • Job Address
  • Job Name
  • Job ID
  • Company
  • Loss Type
  New FeatureNew Report – Equipment Summary 2: Reports→ Equipment→ Equipment Summary 2 New FeatureSub/Tech Calendar: Now you can move a scheduled appointment from one Sub/Tech to another Sub/Tech by dragging and dropping the appointment. To Do→ Schedule→ Sub/Tech   EnhancementAR Aging Invoice Report: Added the ability to sub total the report by  Job ID or Contact Name. Report→ Accounting→ AR Aging Invoice Report EnhancementNew Lead Page: Added the ability to add a New Lead when you are logged into more than one Office (Site, Location or Division). EnhancementJob Custom Export: Added new fields to the Job Custom Export. Office (Site, Location or Division),  Additional Contacts Phone Field 1 and Email Address. Reports→ Jobs→ Job Custom Export EnhancementWork Order Request for Bid: The following modifications were added; Award Vendor button,  after the Sub/Tech is awarded the work the Budget is automatically applied within the Work Order, also added a Canceled column to display which Sub/Tech the Bid was not awarded to.   EnhancementWork Order – Pictures Tab: Now displaying which file types can be uploaded within the Work Order Pictures tab – .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .bmp ResolvedWork In Progress Report: Reports→ Production→ Work In Progress Force New Pages with Correspondence was not forcing a new page. This has been resolved. ResolvedTasks – Company Correspondence: Tasks added to a Company Correspondence record was not saving correctly. This has been resolved. ResolvedJob Custom Export: Employee filter was not working. This has been resolved. ResolvedError – System Settings: An occasional Error was received when navigating to System Settings.  This has been resolved. ResolvedCompany Referral Tab: The Company Referral Tab was allowing the User Login Type the ability to see jobs they are not assigned to.  This has been resolved. ResolvedEmployee Permission – Document Delete: The following employee permission Document Delete checkbox was not respected.  This has been resolved. ResolvedExporting to Outlook: When Exporting a scheduled appointment from .NET to Outlook the Time Zone was not respected. This has been resolved. ResolvedWork Order – Budget Tab: Within the Work Order Budget tab the Responsible Party was displaying warranty this was changed to Self. ResolvedJob Portal – Error: Error was displaying when logging into the Job Portal. This has been resolved. Version 9.1 was released on December 16, 2016 ResolvedMy Top 10 Referral Source – Companies (YTD) and Top 10 Referral Source – Companies (YTD) Dashboard Panels: When hovering over the pie chart within the panel(s) the text was displayed in black which was difficult to read, the text now displays in white. ResolvedCompany Account Type: When adding a new Company Account Type was required even when the System Setting Require Company Account Types was not selected. Now when a new Company is being added you are not forced to select an Account Type if it is not applicable. ResolvedSave & Add Copy:
  • When clicking link Documents & Correspondence all jobs are now continuously linked. Previously when selecting link Documents & Correspondence it only linked the job you were coping to the new job.
  • If the Job ID was edited within the Copy page it would not save when the new job was created.
These have been resolved. ResolvedJob Header – Equipment: Within the job header Equipment: Out was not displaying an accurate count.  This has been resolved. ResolvedAR Aging Invoice Report: When checking Show Job Correspondence the report would generate and the Correspondence was cut off, this has been resolved. ResolvedLoss Type – Adding New: An error was being displayed when trying to add a new Loss Type, this has been resolved. ResolvedCompany Portal: Opening a job within the Company Portal was causing an error to display, this has been resolved. Version 9.0 was released on December 02, 2016 New FeatureMap Me: A new mapping functionality has been added to the View Jobs page.  Use the job filters to narrow down your search, click find.  After the information populates within the View Jobs page, click on the Map icon to Map the top 25 results.  This will help your team determine the best route when planning out their day.  You will have the ability to assign the colors to each Loss Type for the pins that appear on the map. Important: If you would like to turn on the Map Me feature there is a $25.00 monthly fee. Please contact your account manager/sales representative to activate and start using the Map Me functionality today! Jobs→ View Jobs   Hover over one of the pins to display the Job ID, single click the pin to display the details of the job. Note: The administrator of the application can setup the color for the map pin by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Loss Settings, Loss Types. map-me3 New FeatureExport scheduled appointments: Added the ability to export an appointment to your calendar application such as Outlook, Google, etc. Go the Schedule (To Do→ Schedule→ Employee, Job or Sub/Tech) or click the View Schedule button within the Work Order detail page, double click the appointment to open, click the export button to complete the process. Note: The appointment saves into the calendar application of the person logged into the application.  If you would like the appointment to appear in another individual’s calendar please forward the appointment or select invite attendees if that is an option. schedule New FeatureEmployee Permissions – Job Costs: Added the following new Job Costs permissions. – Estimates: Add, Edit, Delete – Budget: Add, Edit, Delete – Actual: Add, Edit Delete – Invoiced: Add, Edit, Delete – Collected: Add, Edit, Delete job-costs-permissions                 New FeatureNew Report – Hot Sheet5: Reports→ Work Orders→ Hot Sheet5 Note: Work Orders must be used to generate this report hot-sheet5 New FeatureSub/Tech Type: Now more than one type can be assigned to the Sub/Tech record. Note: The very first Sub/Tech Type selected is the Primary Type of work for that Sub/Tech sub-tech New Feature – Dashboard:
  • Added New Office Budget Performance Panel: The new panel shows all closed jobs based on the date closed for year to date.  It displays the Total Invoiced, Total Sales Budget for the period then the Over/Under Budget %. A toggle button to display the previous periods Budget Performance on Closed Jobs. office-budget1 office-budget2Note: The administrator of the application will need to setup the Current Period Sales Budget and Previous Period Sales Budget by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ Office Setup→ Office Detail Page setting
  • Added the ability to Export data to Excel on the following Dashboard Panels – Work in Progress – Office, Estimator, Project Manager & Loss Type – Performance (On Closed Jobs) – Estimator, Project Manager & Loss Type    ** The export includes the following fields: options
  • Added New Summary & Detail Reports on the following Dashboard Panels
– Work in Progress – Office, Estimator, Project Manager & Loss Type Example of the Summary Report wip-summary-report Example of the Detail Report wip-est-detail New FeatureEmail send from the product URL to prevent issues with spamming: New process sending emails on behalf of our mail servers this fixes domains that prevent spoofing such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.                                                                                                                          The first portion of this email example is your email address Example of the email address that would be sent from the product: Note: The initial setup must be completed by support to send the email from the site rather than your company/domain email.   New FeatureTask Templates: When creating Task Templates you can now select a Standard Task Type or Auto Email.  Auto Email is a new functionality which allows an email template and an attachment (if applicable) to be sent to the Primary Job Contact, Secondary Job Contact, Referral Source, Agent/Broker, Adjuster or Customer based on a predefined schedule. Once the email is sent the information is stored in Correspondence and the Task will auto complete. Note: The Auto Email feature can only be used for a Type: Job only tt1 tt2 New FeatureEmail Button – Work Order Detail Page: Within the Build Email page when emailing the Work Order you can now attach other documents that are stored anywhere and/or Job Documents.  Along with the ability to save a non-existent job document to the job at the same time by checking “Store As Job Document”. capture New FeatureNew Report – Job Custom Export: Reports→ Jobs→ Job Custom Export This new report gives you the ability to select any job field to generate a custom data export.  It includes the standard report criteria filters along with the Columns to select the fields you would like included in your export by highlighting the description(s) and moving them to the right.  Once you move the descriptions to the right you can reorder them to further format the export.  You also have the ability to memorize the criteria so you can quickly generate your export again. job-custom-export EnhancementJob Additional Contacts: Now you have the ability to add a new Company Contact from the Additional Contacts tab at the Job level. By clicking the Additional Contacts Tab→ New Additional Contact button→ select the Contact Type from the menu→ apply the Company→ check the Add New Contact box → apply the new Contacts information→ click the Add button. additional-contacts1 EnhancementView Jobs Page: Added new search filters; description of what the administrator has defined as Customer (See Job Contact Types Below) and Date(s) to the View Jobs Page. view-jobs-page2 EnhancementJob Contact Types: A new column has been added Define as Customer. Note: The administrator of the application can set this up by going to Help/ToolsToolsSystem Setup Settings Job Settings, Job Contact Types. job-contact-type EnhancementJob Aging with Gross Profit Analysis Report: Added Data Export as an output option.  Reports→ Jobs→ Job Aging with Gross Profit Analysis. data-export EnhancementJob Documents:
  • Selecting the folder arrow (expand tree) now populates preview window. Selecting the folder arrow again collapses and clears the preview window. Expanded View
job-doc-expanded Collapsed View job-doc-collapsed
  • Added the ability to drag and drop multiple pictures/documents with check boxes. Check the boxes, single click and then drag and drop. job-doc-3
  • Added ability to remove a document and/or picture from the upload queue by clicking the X to remove. job-doc-x
  • When selecting a document and/or picture to edit the Title, Description, etc. after clicking Save the page refreshes to the where you left off.
EnhancementView Schedule – Work Order Detail page: When clicking on the View Schedule button within the Work Order Detail page the schedule now opens in a new window. view-schedule EnhancementSales/Estimates – Manager’s Dashboard (User Login Type): The Sales/Estimates Dashboard now pre-loads the data when the Employee’s Login Type equals User. user   Note: Not everyone has access to this Dashboard view it is a permission able view setup by the administrator of the application. sales-estimates EnhancementWork In Progress Report: Reformatted the report and made the following enhancements.
  • The financial section is now bold.
  • Added Job Custom as an option to selection from the report criteria page.
  • Moved Correspondence Notes to the left and removed the underlines, easier to read.
  • Fixed the force new pages option.wip-reformatted
EnhancementAbout Restoration Manager.NET: Help/Tools→ About Restoration Manager.NET
  • Added Connect to a Tech link which downloads Team Viewer.
  • Updated the Contact Us information about-rm
EnhancementError Message: Added Supports contact information along with an ‘Email Support’ option. Note: The email populates related information to the error, database name, and employee. error EnhancementSearch Boxes: Throughout the application we removed select by “all” on every search box.  The default for the search boxes are now a “Contains” search. EnhancementConstant Contact Integration: Added the ability to add Company Contacts to Constant Contact.  Also added three (3) new filter options; Title, Company & Marketing Category. constant-contact EnhancementSave & Add Copy: Added Job ID, Address and Employee Assignment. save-and-add-copy ResolvedDashboard:
  • Removed the commas on numerical values. Example: 1,000 changed to 1000
  • Correction on Work in Progress Panels; Estimator, Project Manager, Office and Loss Type % complete not allowed to go > %100
  • Loss Performance changed to Loss Type Performance
All of these have been adjusted/fixed. ResolvedNew Lead – Year House Built: Changed Year House Built on the New Lead page to Year Built now the New Lead page is consistent with the Job Detail Page. ResolvedJob By Address –  Global Search: When searching for a job using Job By Address filter additional numbers appear in the job page criteria resulting in additional (or less) than expected results.  This has been resolved. ResolvedEmployee Setup Error: When entering information on 3 tabs at once an error was being generated, this has been resolved. ResolvedTerminology Issue with Staff9 field: The terminology change was not being respected within the New Lead Page, Job Detail Page, etc., this has been resolved. ResolvedSite Selection Page: Terminology changes were not being respected, this has been resolved. Example: Site was changed to Office Previous Version, terminology changes not respected. site-selection-prev   Current Version, terminology changes respected. site-selection-current   Version 8.2 was released on October 14, 2016 ResolvedBudget Total: The Budget Total within the View Jobs Page was including deleted line items , this issue has been resolved. ResolvedCompany Contact: When saving a new Company Contact after the save refreshed a blank form would display that didn’t function, this issue has been resolved. ResolvedConsumable Date: After assigning a consumable date 2516 was displaying within the date expected end, this issue has been resolved. Version 8.1 was released on September 30, 2016 ResolvedSave & Add Copy:
  • The New Lead Email Notification was not populating all the merge fields. (Primary Contact, Secondary Contact, Referral, Adjuster, etc.)
  • Name/Date/Time/Stamp was not adding Time to the stamp.
  • Various Terminology was not being respected. (Date of Loss, Date Received and Office)
  • The Loss Type drop down menu was not respecting the ordering setup by the Administrator.
  • Error Message – An Error Occurred While Processing your Request.
These have been resolved. ResolvedDocument Preview: Documents were not previewing consistently, this issue has been resolved. ResolvedEmployee Change Notification: When an email address was added into the Other field the notification was not generating. Any email address applied into the other field is now being respected and will send the Employee Change Notification. ResolvedJob Snapshot Dates: Dates were erasing, this issue is resolved and the dates now save correctly. ResolvedWork in Progress Report – Start Date: When trying to generate the Work in Progress report off the start date a pop-up displays no records found.  This has been resolved and the Start Date now queries the proper data. Resolved – Tasks: When Task Templates are being used there were some occurrences of Tasks being duplicated. This has been resolved. ResolvedAccount Types: When an Account Type has been deleted it still displays in the drop down menu when adding a new Company. This has been resolved. Version 8.0 was released on September 09, 2016 New FeatureInternal Security Upgrade: Substantial changes have been made to the security and strength of passwords used within the system.  The passwords have been encrypted and applies to all Logons; Employees, Job Portal, Company Portal and Sub/Tech Portal. For more information please refer to the following reference documents; Password Security – password-security and Forgot your password? – forgot-your-password. New FeatureDocument Improvements: The documents section of the system on Jobs, Companies and/or Sub/Tech records has been improved to allow for faster document upload, to notify you if a document you are uploading exceeds the 10MB size constraint and also to parse out and manage larger group file uploads (100 + MB). The following message notifies the user of the file upload progress and status. upload-message New FeatureAdd to Job Browser filter for Financial Amounts: Users are now given the ability to filter jobs based on various financial amounts from the Jobs/My Jobs Browser and then either Print or Export a report of those jobs. Financial fields that can be searched are: – Estimate Total (May also be Contract, based on Terminology) – Budget Total – Actual Cost Total – Invoiced Total – Collected Total Ways to filter the search are: – Begins With – Contains – Equals – Greater Than – Less Than job-browser-search New FeatureAdd Job Picture to the Job Detail Page: Users now have the ability to upload a picture of the structure to the Job Detail page in place of the Green Home Icon next to the customer detail. To add the picture, click the Image button underneath the Green house and then select the picture to upload. job-detail-picture To view the picture in full scale, click on the picture and it will open in a new window. The maximum file upload size is 10 MB in PNG, JPG or JPEG format.  Note: This picture will transfer to a new job when Save & Add Copy is used. New FeatureNew Xactware Logo: This change replaces the old Xactware ‘X’ logo with the new logo that was brought about when Xactware was acquired by Verisk.  Note: This only applies if you have the integration with XactAnalysis & RM setup. xa-logos New FeatureShow total equipment on Job Snapshot (Out, Returned and Total): Previously, on the Job Detail page, only the total amount of equipment used on the job was shown. We now display the amount of equipment Out on the job, Returned from the Job and the Total pieces of equipment used. equipment New FeatureAdd a button on a tools page that allows the user to add an inspection to all jobs for a company: When using Inspections, the user now has the ability to assign one or multiple Inspections to all jobs for a particular company. They can also narrow down by address too. This can be found by going to Help/Tools  Tools  Assign Inspections to Companies/Jobs template New FeatureHygrometer Readings Report: This is a new report being introduced along with a new feature on Intuitive Mobile that allows users to input Hygrometer and Moisture Content readings from the field. This report takes the data inputted in the field and generates a report that can be sent to Homeowners or Adjusters. The report is accessed on a new tab called Moisture Readings. Note: This a new tab has been added to the Job Detail Page called Moisture Readings this is where the Report is printed. moisture-readings New FeatureRequest for Bid added to Work Order Detail: On the Work Order Detail Page, a new feature call Request for Bid was added. This feature allows the user to send a Request for Bid to One or Multiple vendors for a particular project. Once bids are received back from the Vendor, they can enter the bid amount to keep track of all bids. This feature has to be turned on from the System Settings page in order to work. request-for-bid EnhancementSave & Add Copy Modifications: This modification allows the user to quickly and easily Copy the information from an existing job to a new job in just a few clicks. This takes a complicated 7 steps process down to a 1 page form. From the new page, the user can quickly fill in the Location (Office), Loss Type, Date of Loss, Date Received, Date Contacted, Job Notes, and Loss Details. Work Orders can also be created, but are not a requirement. The Link Documents and Correspondence option will link all Documents, Pictures and Correspondence from the original job to the new lead. After clicking Save, the new lead will be created and appropriate notifications will be emailed out. save-copy EnhancementHandle Inactivating Companies in a better way: Prior to this feature, it was possible for a user to inactivate a company even if the company had Jobs Active within the system. When this occurred the Company was then removed from the job and would cause errors on the job. With this feature, when in a Company with Active Jobs, it will give a summary of Jobs, Losses and Work Orders Active for the company. Users can now inactivate all of the jobs by clicking the Red Inactivate All button, then they can inactivate the company. company EnhancementTop 20 Referrals displaying on Company Detail page: The Top 20 Referrals box on the Company Detail page was creating performance issues and slow Company Detail page load times. The Top 20 Referrals have now been moved to a new tab on the Company called ‘Referrals’. referrals EnhancementRemove “Welcome” message on Home Page: We have modified the Home Page to remove some verbiage about the New Home Page from underneath the Welcome Message. welcome EnhancementAdded to Inspection Exceptions detail report – Images and allow to print from Job: This feature adds Line Item Images onto the Inspection Exceptions detail report. This also now allows the user to Print the Exceptions Detail report directly from the Inspections tab on the Job Detail page. print-exceptions EnhancementChange all reporting search parameters for address to also contain Job Name: With this modification, on any report where users have the ability to search for a job by address, they can now also search for the job based on the Job Name. The parameters are Job Name Begins With and Job Name Contains. EnhancementDisable ‘Enter’ key input on Job Entry when Global Search is not selected: Prior to this feature, if a user had a search term sitting in the global search and was performing another task, like Lead Entry, and they accidentally hit Enter, it would perform the search in Global Search. Now, the only time the Enter key works is if there is a Search Term in the Global Search and the input box is selected. Resolved<> Merge Code does not work: The <> Merge Code field for Merge Documents was not populating correctly when documents containing that field were merged on a job. This has been resolved and the field now works. Bug FixOverlapping buttons when moisture mapper is enabled: When Moisture Mapper is enabled and a user would go to the Loss Detail page, the Moisture Mapper button would overlap the Reassign button. The Reassign button has now been moved to the bottom of the page. ResolvedJob Additional contact allows user to enter a Company without a name: When entering an Additional Contact on a job, a user was able to select a Company, but was not required to add a Contact and could still Save. We have now modified this option that forces a contact to be entered before it can be saved. ResolvedData Export output for Work In Progress Report is missing Project Manager: On the Data Export option for the Work in Progress Report (Reports  Production  Work in Progress), it was missing the Project Manager. This has been resolved. ResolvedCompany Contact Logon does not check for Duplicate Usernames: When a user would give a Company Contact a login for the Company Portal, it would not verify against all other logins that the Username was unique. This has been resolved and if a username is duplicated, a pop up appears notifying the user that the username is not unique. ResolvedTab order on the update all selected Work Orders does not follow properly the sequence of events: On list management screen when you click on update all items, the tab order was not working properly. This has been resolved. ResolvedSchedule – Print List pulls wrong dates when going by month view: When printing the list from the schedule month view for an employee, and excluding repair WOs, (only showing supervisor schedules) it pulls a report of every schedule event from the past year, not including the month that is selected. This only happens in the month view, not the week or daily views. This has been resolved. ResolvedSchedule – Large number of items impacts ability to view by month: When over 100 items were scheduled in a particular month the view by month would overflow on the browser page. This was resolved. ResolvedLinked job documents were duplicated: Job documents were duplicated on linked jobs, this was resolved. Restoration Manager 7.6 Release Notes 6/2016 RESOLVED:
      • Add New Lead page: If a date contacted was entered without a time, the system cleared the date with no warning to the user. Now, if no time is entered the system enters the current time.
      • In the schedule, when you try to edit a user-created recurring schedule item, it won’t let you edit the parent.Now can edit the parent.
      • In the Job Snapshot when a List Closed Date was entered the List Status was not changing to Closed, now it does.
      • When entering a new Project, the Project name field was allowing more characters to be entered than the field maximum; added an error message to restrict the entry to 120 characters.
      • When entering date changes in the Vendor Portal in some instances Mountain Time was defaulting; user’s local time is now the default.
      • If a Job was deleted, the system was not noting in the database who deleted the Job and the date the Job was deleted. This has been resolved.
      • In the Equipment Tracking Module when assigning consumables in some instances the Date Started and Actual End Date were not correctly populating in the database. This has been resolved.
      • Production Schedule Dates were displaying one date for the column and a different date for the item; this has been resolved.
      • Contacts> Job Contacts> Search By Phone Number – The search field was using the (___) ___-____ format. This search filed has been changed to a free form entry.
      • WIP Production Report was including deleted jobs; the report now excludes deleted jobs
      • If an apostrophe was used in an Employee Name field (think O’Brien or O’Malley) errors were produced with date-time functions.
      • In certain circumstances when printing work orders from various screens errors were produced. This has been resolved.
  Restoration Manager 7.5 Release Notes 5/2016 RESOLVED:
      • Job Portal Secondary Contact Info – Username and Password were not displaying correctly.
  Restoration Manager 7.4 Release Notes 5/2016 RESOLVED:
      • Budget costs rolling to the job are not removed when work order is deleted
      • Vendor Portal Reports not working correctly
      • Job end date on production schedule not displaying correctly
      • Item Budget disappears from item after rolled to job costs
      • Added old Multiple Photo Upload function back into Job Documents
  Restoration Manager 7.3 Release Notes 5/8/2016 Resolved
      • Database optimizations
      • Error when very specific phone number characters were entered in phone # fields
      • Moisture mapper integration
  Restoration Manager 7.2 Release Notes 5/1/2016 Resolved
      • Job Documents – When a document was in a folder it could not be deleted.
      • WIP reports criteria is returning the wrong criteria and too many pages.
      • When the WIP Dash Panels reported a negative dollar amount an error message prevented the user from viewing the page.
      • Moving a Job from one site to another created a false error message.  A new message appears noting the successful Job move.
      • When changing the Budget Factor in System Settings, the changes were not saving until the second attempt at the Save.
    Restoration Manager 7.1 Release Notes 4/25/2016 Resolved
      • Problems printing within the Vendor Portal
      • Correspondence Zoom name/date/time stamp
      • Error when viewing the Administrator Dashboard
      • Memorized Reports  Not functioning Correctly
  Restoration Manager 7.0 Release Notes 4/22/2016 New Features
      • New User Interface, expanded displays; Job list is configurable with column editor and sorting.
      • Bread Crumb’s icon moved to upper right next to global search boxes.
      • New Documents and Pictures Functions; Default and Job folders, drag and drop, columns with sort and search functions, faster thumbnail display and review.
      • New Dashboard page options: Main, Job Summary and Sales/Estimates based on permission settings.
      • New Dashboard Panels: % Complete and Inspection Summary.
      • Primary Contact information has been added to the Task Quick Email option
      • The Vendor Item Summary can now be run even if the Vendor Rating is not enabled.
      • Dashboard changes – WIP, Equipment Panel; Detail and Summary Reports; Summary of Jobs by Week; Equipment Summary by Job – Various adjustments
      • Item summary Report – Now sub-totaling properly
      • RM: Use Actual charges on Work order to roll up to Job Budget.
      • Improve License Users Logged In Management System to work with Persistent Cookies (Remember Me)
      • Quick Email – Add into the quick email (primary contact info)
      • Ability to Move a lead/job from One site to another site
      • Add Tax amount to work order Billing
      • Add to email and mail merge fields – Disp_EndTime
      • Added the ability for Vendors to capture signatures in the Vendor Portal.
  Restoration Manager 6.4.0 Release Notes 1/29/2016 New Features Several changes were made to accommodate Internationalization as well as allowing more flexibility for various address and phone number requirements: that includes
      • Add country to merge fields
      • Changed state/province to allow for up to four characters.
      • Added county and country fields to every address.
      • Phone format: WYSIWYG! No formatting, free format, 40 characters
NOTE: Country code selection must be requested via an email to or phone call. They are only necessary if you’re doing business in multiple countries and need that ability. Several performance enhancements have been made. Users should notice improvement in loading certain data and screens.   Resolved
    • Quality Process Detail Report, formatting has changed: We removed the extra spacing that was showing with the printing of issues and pictures.
    • We eliminated duplicate email notifications on the job when the same employee has multiple roles, such as the estimator and the project manager.
    • Production Report was not respecting the Inspection Date selection. That has been corrected.
    • When an employee who is assigned to a list is made inactive in the system, the employee was being removed from the Super (or Manager) field on the List Detail Screen. The result made the items (work orders) inaccessible.  This has been resolved.
    • The permissions setting allowing (or restricting) the ability to change employees on a job has been resolved. If a user cannot edit employees the employee fields will be greyed out and inaccessible. The Edit Employees permission setting is on System Settings > Employees > Permissions, under the Home check box.
    • Correspondence entries: double clicking on a correspondence entry creates a pop-up window showing the text detail of the correspondence.
    • When adding a new Additional Contact (Referral ONLY) or single clicking on an Additional Contact the Sales Manager drop down field display has been changed so it does not wrap and distort the display.
    • When running the Project Status Report with no dates an error is generated. This has been resolved.
    • Equipment Bug – Showing as out on equipment management screen when item to equipment has Date_ActualEnd, when equipment notes is set to NULL.
    • Adding Additional Contact – Sales Manager Field (Drop down) – When adding a new Additional Contact (Referral ONLY) or single clicking on an Additional Contact the Sales Manager drop down field displays across the page and forces the Add New Company to the far right and wrap.
    • .NET Correspondence – when you click on an existing email correspondence you are directed to the reading pane at the bottom of the list.  The text is in HTML format and unreadable.  A pop up reading pane now appears for easier readability.
    Restoration Manager – Version 6.3.1 – Release Notes – 12-18-15 RESOLVED The Commission’s report is now set to run off invoice amounts, previously this report was running off estimate amounts. Certain special characters (<,>) in job notes field on the Add New Lead screen were causing errors. Special characters are now allowed. Special Character ‘” causing error in Job Correspondence. An error message “contains illegal characters” is displayed if this character has been entered. On the Item Quick Add screen when the same staff is selected that is on the List an error is produced when you click Save. It is now permitted. Email Correspondence displayed Timestamps in MST only. It is now based on user location. On the Add New Lead form when Add New Contact is selected the Project was not validated before saving. When the Main Menu button Terminology (Home, Dashboard, Contacts, etc.) exceeds the total amount of characters that will fit across the screen, the menu folds over to a second row. The second menu row was cutting off important fields on the Add New Lead screen. The Item Quick Add screen was assigning todays date to the Submitted Date field and List-Submitted Date to the Item Opened Date. Today’s date is now assigned to Item Opened Date.  If the main menu Equipment button was selected, then the Print Detail option, an error was produced. This has been resolved.          Restoration Manager – Version 6.3.0 – Release Notes  – 11-20-15 NEW FEATURES Added a Home page.  When you login you will be directed to the Home Page. This page is an abbreviated Dashboard and loads much faster than the Dashboard. Jobs browser Page > Column Editor – Add in these columns: Actual Start Date, End Date & Collected Amount Tasks > Quick Email – Removed an extra step, when you select “Send Email”, it adds the task/correspondence automatically.  Main Menu > Dashboard > Job Summary – When set in employee permissions the user can view a job summary by employee side by side vs the all job summary. Main Menu > Dashboard > Sales/Contracts All – When set in employee permissions the user can view an Sales/Estimate Summary by employee side by side vs Sales/Contracts for the entire company. Added new permissions for Tasks and documents, now each user can have permissions set for add, edit, and delete. Database Optimization – Measurable speed improvements. RESOLVED Dashboard My Sale/Estimate printing shows error page when there is no data Memorized reports were producing an error Production Report shows improper date format for Scheduled for Review/Repair      Restoration Manager – Version 6.2.4 – Release Notes  – 10-28-15 RESOLVED Adding new tasks – When you add a new task and select the employee and add the highlighted “Name” stores in the database as Builder_emp_0. This caused problems. List Schedule for Repair not updating the Item Due Date Item Scheduled for Repair shows on the Scheduled for Review print out when Printing WO by Vendor In certain circumstances when a Job has Billing and Collections Notes, the database field can get set to NULL not False. In this situation the system hides all Flags When using the Advanced Search for a WO Scheduled for Repair, errors occur when searching between certain dates Mail Merge Print function from Correspondence no longer working When Re-Assigning a List and you receive the “A potentially dangerous Request” message Form value was detected from the client and a error message was produced. (ctl00$MainContent$txt_PRI_Email=”…dam Suber “).   Restoration Manager – Version 6.2.3 – Release Notes – 10-16-2015 RESOLVED Stamp on List Mgmt Item detail adds – “16:15:44 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)”       Job Detail Screen allows saving without staff/super, enters 0 values in DB  Daily Schedule Report not pulling records     Pending Vendor Changes doesn’t allow you to open the item           Times aren’t being merged correctly in merge fields  Equipment Service History throws nullable object must have a value error. Sales Manager not Auto Populating on New Lead Form On RM Builds when selecting the company referral as a double click (it takes minutes to get there)       Restoration Manager – Version 6.2.2 – Release Notes – 10-8-2015 RESOLVED There is a Viewable on portal option for job documents. If option is not selected, documents will not be visible on the owner portal. Previously they were showing even if the option was not selected. Dashboard Panel – Sales/Referrals/Other – Using Estimate Accepted date is broken – Closed jobs are not showing The YTD Business Summary on the Dashboard has been corrected to point to the correct site. Email merge template fields for Projects were available but not merging into email. Job Portal – Due in Days not working. Marketing Reports Criteria not respecting cmb_Status On the Job List page, Export Detail to Excel – Job Name was missing. Project Portal – The Download Documents Box won’t stay open. Task entered in under the “To-Do” Tab do not populate the task accountability list. The Scheduled area on the main page of the job portal is showing zero when there are items scheduled. The customer request does not show on the work order by trade – shows on the work order. Project – Tasks – Date is hidden. User cannot change or update Task from Correspondence Page If a user does not have permissions to edit Correspondence, they cannot make changes or complete a task associated with the correspondence from the correspondence page. Project – $ Marketing Spent Marketing Spent: Do not equal to the total amount of $ Marketing Spent /Projects/ProjectDetail.aspx Supervisor Performance Panel on Closed Jobs Dashboards/DashboardProduction_RM.aspx Supervisor Performance Panel on Closed Jobs report is not accurate due to inactive jobs being dropped from the report. When entering a Production Start date, RM is not respecting the current name in the Staff (Estimator) field when writing to the Schedule. On the Send Correspondence > Build Email screen (from the Correspondence tab), we’ve added a checkbox to send correspondence to Xactimate. (Only visible when the Xactware integration is turned on). If the box is checked when the correspondence is sent the message will be sent to your Xactanalysis job file. Project Detail – Jobs Referred Issues Not showing top 20 most recent jobs. Dashboard Panel – Sales/Referrals/Other – Using Estimate Accepted date – Closed jobs are not showing. Power user cannot see – Estimator/Project Manager WIP – We need them to see all employees in the sites/regions Unable to create a task that is not associated with a job Add New Project check box on the Add New Lead form does not add the New Lead or the Project.     NEW FEATURES Billing and Collection Notes Now Available On the Job Detail page we have added a green Dollar sign $ “flag”. When billing and collections notes have been added in the Billing and Collection Notes window, this green $ flag will appear at the top right of the Job Detail Screen. You can hover over the $ to see the notes, or double click to open a display of the notes. Added Assigned By column on the Task list screen The Job > Task list screen now displays a column of who assigned the task when a task is assigned to someone other than the person entering the task.  If you are assigning the task to yourself, your name will appear the Assigned By field. The Jobs List screen has three new features.
    • Column Editor
    • Column Sort
    • Retain Job List Search
    • Column Editor When using the Job List screen you can now add and remove column. Note: Adding and removing columns is user specific and the settings are saved per employee.
    • Column Sort When using the Job List screen you can now sort by any of the columns.
    • Retain Job List Search When using the Job List screen the system will retain your search criteria (e.g. Company, Select By, Status, etc.). You can click into a job and perform necessary changes or views, then return to the View Jobs. The previously selected criteria will be retained for the next search. Note: If you use the Bread Crumbs to return to the Jobs Browser page, it will redisplay your last search. If the click on the View Jobs under the Jobs Tab at the top of your screen, it will show you the selection criteria, but not the actual displayed data. You can either revise the selections or just click on Find to repeat the search.
     JOB ID schema – Automatically add a two digit month prefix to the Job ID when setting up a new job This is a system setup option and is only used in jobs that are NOT automatically created via an integration process. Go to Tools > System Setup > Settings, then scroll down to Job ID Options to configure Job IDs. Allow projects to be associated with multiple sites In the Project Detail screen, you can now link projects to selected (multiple) sites or all sites. Previously they could only be associated with one site. Employee Detail – Added the option to assign a home office If you have multiple offices you can now assign an employee to a Home Office. Admin access only. Quick Add functions on Job Detail screen On the Job Detail screen, on the header area there is now an Add link next to Tasks and Correspondence. These links take you directly to their respective add function. Correspondence – Added the ability to add a Task to a Correspondence Note When a Correspondence is completed, checking the Add Task check box will automatically open the Add Task function. Employee and Company (Project) drop down fields now are auto-complete fields Anywhere employees or companies are entered, the field now has auto-complete capabilities. Type in a portion of the name and choices that match will be displayed. Added Data Export option to the Job Loss Cost Report The Data Export function on the Report Profiler screen (Output) allows the report to be downloaded to a csv file for manual processing in Excel. See Reports > Jobs > Job Loss Costs. Added Data Export option to Marketing Inactivity Report Added New Panels to the Dashboard Add my Sales/Estimates for Estimator Add my Sales/Estimates for lead generator Add my Sales/Estimates for sales person, lead generator, and Estimator      
    Restoration Manager – Version 6.1.5 – Release Notes – 9-22-15 RESOLVED When adding a new list to an existing job in RM, the list staff/super are being populated in the database with Builder_Emp_ID = 0.  When you save and Add WOs it throws the error message Staff/Supervisor not found.  Because the staff/super fields are hidden in the GUI now, the only way for RM Customers to resolve this themselves is to re-save the job, then go back into the list and add items.   Restoration Manager – Version 6.1.4 – Release Notes – 9-16-15 RESOLVED Data Export for Work Orders was duplicating Items Tools > Data Export > Work Orders: When the data export option was chosen for Work Orders, it was creating duplicate items in the exported file.  It now functions properly. Schedule When entering a Production Start Date, Restoration Manager was not respecting the current name in the Staff (Estimator) field when writing to the Schedule. Correspondence In certain circumstances, Correspondence was not sending.  This has been resolved. List number on task tab of Job Detail page was not linking properly On the Job Detail Tasks page (selecting the Tasks tab from the Job Detail page), if the task is associated with a loss, the loss number (in the Loss column) is clickable and links to the Loss Detail page. Previously it was not linking to that page. Chrome Browser Issue related to Task entry Task Title field was not editable in Google Chrome version 45.0.2454.85 m In that version of Chrome browser, when you try to add a new task, the task title field is not editable.  You can type in one letter at a time but you have to click away from the field after each letter in order to get it to populate. The Task Title field now operates correctly.  
    Restoration Manager – Version 6.1.3 – Release Notes – 7-31-15  New features in this release include: Purchase Order Approval Process We’ve added a 3-level Purchase Order approval feature. To define the approval levels go to the main menu and click on Tools > Site Set-up > Reporting. Scroll to the middle of the page and enter the appropriate information. Each designee will be sent the PO in an email that contains a link they can click to approve the PO. Upon approving it, additional emails (if applicable) will be sent to the next levels. When the last approval needed is done, the PO will be sent to the final designee (usually accounting) and to the vendor. The PO is created, and the approval process can be monitored, by selecting the Charges tab on the Item (or WO) Detail screen. There are Print PO, Print Back Charges and Send PO options on that screen. Please see Restoration Manager University at for additional detail documentation, including screen shots. Ability to reassign Project Manager on List Detail Screen Please note: Since you can change the name of certain fields in your database, the terminology used here may be different than what you’re using. If you need more explanation, contact your trainer or account manager. We’ve added the ability to change the Project Manager and Estimator at the Loss level. When a Loss is created, the Project Manager and Estimator at the Job level (on the Job Detail screen) are assigned to the Loss. Typically, those assignments don’t change as Work Orders are added to the Loss. Now, the Project Manager or Estimator can be changed on the Loss Detail screen.  The Items (Work Orders) will now refer to the Project Manager who is assigned to the Loss (rather than the Project Manager entered at the Job level).  The Estimator, however, is NOT changed at the Loss level.  If you add a NEW Work Order to an existing Loss, the Project Manager AND Estimator assigned to that Work Order now come from the names entered on the Loss Detail Screen. This allows you to reassign the Project Manager on existing Losses so the new Project Manager can monitor the Work Orders on that Loss. An example of how this might be used is for temporary assignments such as the original assigned Project Manager is on vacation. The Estimator can also be changed at the Loss level, but only affects new Work Orders that are added to the Loss, not existing Work Orders.   Problems we corrected in this release include: Staff/Supervisor Item Performance Dashboard function On the Dashboard, the Item Performance panel Overdue column for a Supervisor or Staff person was including Items due today and overdue items. It now shows only the number of overdue items List Reassign Screen Time and Date Stamp In the notes field on the Reassign screen the Time and Date stamp now works correctly. This screen is only accessed by Admin users.
        Restoration Manager – Version 6.1.2 – Release Notes – 7-19-15 Resolved: Unable to send correspondence with Vendor Mail Merge Resolved: Item Detail – Email – Emailing from the Item Detail Page redirects you to the Send Correspondence Page.  Resolved: Item Detail Email – When “Would you like to email the Work Order” is unchecked, the Item is sent with the email Resolved: Loss Overview Report shows 1 total Item when a list has 0 Resolved: Duplicate Companies created when Save is clicked twice Resolved: On the Job List tab, if you select Expand All the Close Date disappears from the page header. Resolved: Excel file not opening on Mac   New Features Added Added: Additional Data Export to reports – Task Screen and Job Cost – reports on job screen Added: Data export function to Work Orders Overdue Report Added: Data Export to Job Detail Report Added: Administrator can customize Work Order Email Subject Line. To configure go to Tools/Site Setup/Reporting/ Work Order Email Subject Line Setting (scroll to middle of the page).       Restoration Manager – Version 6.1.0 – Release Notes – 6-12-15 Resolved:   When adding a new contact in a job Email address, it was not letting you save as it was applying validation. Resolved:   During the Lead Quick Add/or Lead Entry function, the job name is created using Primary First, Last name, if the combined fields were longer than 30 characters the job would not get added, and no message would be displayed.   We have truncated the job name created to 30 characters. Resolved: When creating work orders using the Save and Quick Add, it was not clearing previous data, thereby possible picking up inaccurate vendor to job relationships. Resolved: On the – Hygrometer readings – Saving caused it to divide the RH numbers by 10 each time you hit the save button; this has been fixed. Resolved: Jobs did not appear on the My Job Summary panel if user is Staff 10 thru Staff 14. Resolved: When job name is defaulted to the Primary contact and you subsequently change the primary contact, it was not changing the job name. Resolved/Changed: The way we were storing Report Objects and Datasets was causing issues with memory usage and timeouts. In order to improve performance and resolve those issues, we had to remove the export to Excel and Word features of the report viewer. A Data Export to Excel has been added to key reports in the system – choose Output: Data Export in the report profiler. Resolved: A user or power user who had no permissions to edit/delete could edit the job detail information. Resolved: Performance Issue: it was taking a long time to merge a document packet to a job. Changes were made to reduce the timeframe. Note for large packets of 20+ documents, it can still take 3+ Minutes to merge. Resolved: Company contact detail page –when adding more sales managers, if you uncheck the box, it was not honoring the selection. Resolved:   When multiple work orders are scheduled for the same day/time and vendor, the pop-up warning was not appearing to let you know there is a conflict in the vendor schedules. Resolved:   When clicking Jobs Under Warranty on the Dashboard, it was showing all jobs in the system; this has been resolved to only show jobs under warranty. Resolved:   Report performance improved; Lead to sales and Company Recap Reports were failing. New Features Added Added: Purchase Order Approval process
    • A purchase order approval process has been added to the system to allow you to set thresholds for Purchase order Approval, under site – Settings – Report.   You establish up to three levels of approval with the name/email, and dollar thresholds. Example:
    •  Once PO actual charges are added to the work order charges section, the user pushes the Send PO for approval button and the system emails the PO approval person and they can approve via a link in the email.
    Added: Data Export to Excel was added to key reports as an output option in the Report Profiler Added: Multiple Equipment Selection: Allows “control-click” on equipment or “drag and assign” multiple pieces of equipment to a job/work order.   This functionality supports both assignment and returns. Added: Make task templates site/location specific vs company/system specific Added: Company Documents are merged to a job when the company is selected and associated with the job during lead entry.   Restoration Manager – Version 6.0.1 – Release Notes – 5-8-15 Issues Resolved: Resolved:   The outline on the site select screen does not support more than 25 sites Resolved:   On Equipment screen, when assigning items you were forced to enter the item number twice when assigning equipment. Resolved:  SQL for “Off Suspension, Not Sent” was wrong it was corrected to properly show “Not Sent” when the suspension ends. Resolved:  On several reports, under the title is a secondary header showing the date criteria. The header was not displaying the correct terminology. Resolved: When adding a new contact Marketing Categories are automatically defaulting as Categories associated with the Contact the right hand side column should be blank until a selection is made. Resolved: Error adding new list after Save & Add Copy Job produces an error. Resolved: Site Setup Job Portal not saving hyperlinks. Resolved: Deleting a project does not update changed by and changed date. Resolved: Schedule view does not display information (Blank) Resolved: The WIP Report doesn’t show for the user logged in as USER/POWER USER Resolved: On Job Contact Detail, message requires valid email but still saves. Resolved: Calendar view – When adding a calendar event to an employee it does not save Resolved: Store all Dashboard metrics in a table to improve DASHBOARD Speed. Resolved: Quick Add Lead – Primary Contact Phone Number does not pull through Resolved: Tasks – user cannot edit Resolved: Work In Progress Data Export does not include Collected   New Features Added: Added:  Constant Contact – Phase 2
    • Get all Campaign tracking information and update multiple email address from company contacts from the “Constant Contact” tab on system settings.
    • Sync Contact’s Email Automatically from Company contacts.
    • Added ability to sync Job Contacts email with constant contact.
    Added: Dashboard Changes and Enhancements Top 10 Referral – Companies – All panel changes
    • Close the pie chart and change the white space to grey which will denote the other referral sources within the time period chosen (YTD or X days).
    • Add a Printer Icon – The report that will be generated is the Lead to Sale Summary, Report Sort will equal Referral this report will generate off the dashboard settings (YTD or X days)
     Sales/Estimates – All panel changes
    1. Add an admin setting (System settings) to allow the administrator to decide how these  panels will calculate the data
      1. Estimate Accepted in the date range
        • Printer Icon shows the Report Lead to Sale Summary
      2. Estimate Accepted and the Date the Estimate value are in the date range
        • Printer Icon shows the Report Sales Results
    2. Add a toggle to display the previous year’s data.
      Office, Loss, Estimator, Project Manager on Closed jobs panel changes
    1. Add an admin setting to allow the administrator to decide how these panels will calculate the data and whether the date is based on date completed on the Job.
      1. Job Progress defined as Closed
    2. Add a toggle to display previous years data on closed job (YTD or X days) this is going to be added to each closed job panel (Office, Loss, Estimator & Project Manager)
     Office, Loss, Estimator, Project Manager – Work in Progress panel changes
    1. There will be no date parameters for the WIP panels (Office, Loss, Estimator & Project Manager)
    2. Once a job has and estimated accepted date, and does not have a date closed it is considered work in progress.
    3. We will now display Estimate, Budget, Actual, % Complete, Backlog, Invoiced, Over/Under and Collected
    4. No graph will be displayed (numbers ONLY)
    5. Add the Number of Jobs the employee is currently assigned to for work in progress only, not all jobs
    6. Add the Average Estimate per job
     List/Item Summary Panel Add Items Due Today, this will change to yellow when the item is due today. Items due today will no longer populate in Overdue. Added:  Add Job Name to email and document merges. Added:  Add five more staff to the job. Added:  Add new staff to WIP report data export only Added:  New Data Validation report and add Job Name to reports Added:  The ability to use or set a Job Name on Jobs, and added Job Name to reports Added:  Limit tasks and schedules to show only employees whose home site is in the site(s) logged into and employees with no home site. Limit tasks and schedules that are attached to projects and jobs to those that are in the site(s) logged into. Added:  Terminology Change for Job Costs tab and Estimate Added:  Task Drop Down Type & Task Complete and Add
    1. Add a new drop down to system settings called Task Types, that can be selected when adding new tasks – “Select from drop down task type”.
    2. Add the ability to select a task type from the drop down list or type in a Task Title on their own.
    3. Add the ability to add a new task while viewing another task.
    4. Add a quick complete on the task panel, so employees can quickly complete tasks.
    Added:  Email Notification when Job Employee Changes Added:  National and Preferred Accounts
    1. Add new lists to system settings: Account Types, Contract Type, Contract Status, Contract Territory and Industry Group.
    2. Add new permissions to Employee Permissions determining if they can Add, Edit, Delete National Accounts./Preferred and Job Employees.
    3. On the Project Detail, add a drop down to select the Account Type.
    4. Change the Project Contact page to move Correspondence and Tasks to the Contact Level and add Documents to Projects.
    5. On the Project Detail, add Account Setup section to the Details tab.
    6. On the Project Detail, add a new tab/page called Account Locations.
    Added:  Task Accountability Panel
    1. On the dashboard Task Accountability Panel, add two new columns: “Next 7 days” and “8- 30 Days”.
    2. On Tasks page, add to the search drop down the new columns: “Next 7 days” and “8- 30 Days”.
    Added:  Create a new dashboard panel called Tasks Due. Added: Job_name field to the Data Export function under Tools > Data Export > Customers           Restoration Manager – Version 5.6.6  – Release Notes – 3-25-15 Resolved: Unpredictable Log outs and Timeouts Resolved: Report Subtotal Employee not saving in memorized reports     Restoration Manager – Version 5.6.5  – Release Notes – 3-17-15 Issues Resolved: Resolved:   Equipment Barcode Report is including deleted equipment, deleted equipment no longer appears. Resolved:   Task Detail getting error when entering greater than and less than symbols in the task detail area. Resolved:  On the RM Job Snapshot when a loss is not on the job, it still shows the ability to close it, this has been removed/resolved. Resolved:  The Job Schedule would not allow you to save an event for the same day (3/17/15 to 3/17/15), this has been resolved. Resolved:  Within the Navigation Tool and single clicking on the Blue House “Go to add New Lead” this defaults to our RM lead sheet not the More Floods Add New Lead Page, resolved. Resolved:   Quality Process unable to delete QP regardless of the login type there are no permissions for QP other than the ability to re-open a closed QP. The delete should be an option for a full admin. Resolved:  The referral report was not showing the proper determination or outcome on closing a job. Resolved:  If an apostrophes is in the input field “Vendor status report footer” it will cause an error when the page is saved. Resolved:  If an “ “, or an apostrophe is in the Red Flag Notes it was causing an error on save, this has been resolved. Resolved:  The Action Taken History on the work order/item detail – was not editable in Firefox for admin, this has been resolved. Resolved:  The update all lists/items was not respecting the open/closed status on work orders when trying to update just the opened work orders.  This has been resolved. New Features Added: New Feature  Notifications and Determinations on the Charges Detail report.  On the Charges detail report the ability to run a report for only a certain item determination has been added, and the ability to run the report only on Items that have back charges (faulting vendors). New Feature  Commission -Invoice, Commission – Collections and Production Reports: Add the ability to report off all employee fields Supervisor – Staff 9. Add additional criteria boxes to the three (3) reports for all staff fields. Also add each Staff as a Report Subtotal option.  An example of the criteria selection is shown for the production report: Commission Invoice, Commission Collections and Production Reports   Restoration Manager – Version 5.6.4  – Release Notes – 3-1-15 Issues Resolved: Resolved:   Vendor Aging Report not totaling correctly – The last line in the report was reporting inaccurate information. Resolved:   Vendor Item Performance dashboard panel’s information needs clarification – Added information clarifying how the data was calculated for closed work orders. Resolved:  Hygrometer Readings cannot be deleted – this has been fixed. Resolved:  Can’t choose download location with download tool – This was resolved. Resolved:  RM Speed issue with a large number of companies on the Company browser page.  Selecting all on the company page took upwards of 3-4 minutes to return, now returns in 3 seconds for up to 100,000 companies. Resolved:  Documents were not being displayed properly on the portal for Companies (projects). Resolved:   Tasks were duplicating.  This has been resolved. Resolved:  Item detail save was taking a long time (up to 10 seconds), this was reduced to 4-5 seconds. Resolved:  RM Job Additional Contact Referral not saving Sales Manager   New Features Added: New Feature  Report View – Permissions – You can now select by employee which reports are displayed in the drop down, limiting reports to those that are appropriate for that employee and function (This is set up using an admin level logon, under System – Setup – Employees – Report Permissions) Default is to always show all reports.  See screen shot: Employee Report permissions     New Feature  When a work order is closed – it automatically stamps in action taken with the comment “———CLOSED BY: (Dan J. Long 3/16/2015 5:16:26 PM)——–“        
    Restoration Manager – Version 5.6.3  – Release Notes – 2-7-15 Resolved: List Detail – after deleting a list, View Job should not be grayed out. Resolved: On Job Detail, validation is not showing in red (for required fields). Resolved: Preliminary Report Issues, various Resolved: Employee permissions for Merge Templates error Resolved: On Job Detail when adding a new job, error occurs when trying to create a new list before saving the new job. Resolved: Dashboard Top 10 Referral is not calculating total sales correctly. Resolved: Job Detail report shows blank first page when detail is more than one page. Resolved: Project portal PLM showing only deleted & inactive jobs Resolved: Spelling in Error Message Resolved: On Item Detail, Name/Date/Time Stamp on Notes not working.         Restoration Manager – Version 5.6.2  – Release Notes – 1-25-15 Resolved: Marketing Inactivity Report data is incorrect. Resolved: Reports taking too long to run: Production, Lead to Sales Summary and Marketing Resolved: Job Correspondence – Project Contact missing from email contact list Resolved: List management timeout issue Resolved: Vendor Item Performance Panel not showing on Power User Resolved: On list management, error with apostrophe in address search. Resolved: Custom Lead Entry Form formatting needed re-formatting. Resolved: If there are no job progress levels selected when a user tries to go to the job section of the project portal, it errors out. Resolved: Lists/ListDetail_PLM.aspx – potentially dangerous value     Restoration Manager – Version 5.6.1  – Release Notes – 1-4-15  Resolved: Can’t upload single documents or add a master document to a job that isn’t automatically added already. Resolved: Clicking on a link on the dashboard My Job Summary panels take you to the job browser but the jobs are not filtered correctly. Resolved: Stamp button missing from notes on the charges screen. Resolved: Add reference code to the error message to the Error page.     Restoration Manager – Version 5.6.0  – Release Notes – 1-4-15 Issues Resolved: Resolved:   The Equipment Utilization Reports – Needs Terminology for the respective job, and item information, this has been resolved. Resolved:   The Job Contacts browser – Search By Phone Number input field is compressed and needs to be formatted properly, this has been resolved. Resolved:  The Restoration Manager WIP (Work In Progress) Report number of jobs is not correct when you are running the report across multiple divisions. Resolved:  The identified Firefox Issue with Merge Documents has been resolved. Resolved:  RM Job Data Export is pulling the wrong determination Resolved:  The Item Equipment missing item info and menu when item that is reference is deleted.  Resolved by displaying that the related item is deleted. Resolved:   When adding an employee it was defaulting to inactive, and an error would occur saying the employee ID already exists.  This has been resolved. Resolved:  Typo on Vendor Insurance Summary Report, this has been resolved. Resolved:  Work In Progress-Data Export Date Projected Closed does not populate, this was added to the report, on the data export. Resolved:  Value Based Inspection pictures do not populate on the last page, this has been resolved. Resolved:  List Reassignment not working in Firefox Resolved:   Increased the size of the “S” on the List Management screen as reported, the Action Taken “S” button not visible. Resolved:   The Job Document Merge was  not checking “Viewable by Homeowner” when checked in packet.  It is now resolved. Resolved:  The Lead to Sale Summary (Data Export) column name was not respecting Report Sort chosen. Resolved:   The List Management – List order was not using the open date on the list, it is now. Resolved:   When saving items and changing the vendor at the same time, the item would not close properly. Resolved:  There was an error on the Job Detail Lists tab – Issue/Error on Safari browser Resolved:  The title on the Data export / mail merge page was not correct, resolved. Resolved:  Total Restoration – Job Tracking Report was not running properly, this has been resolved. Resolved:  When adding a new employee record the status should default to active instead of inactive.