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The Estimating Integration takes the file, sends it to Restoration Manager, and integrates the data to the respective Job/Customer. The Estimating applications; Categories and Cost Types are mapped to the Estimate Cost Types in Restoration Manager.

Each user that has a login to Xactimate will need to complete the Initial one-time setup.

  1. Click Control Center
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click 3rd Party Tools
  4. Profile drop-down (Carrier, Contractor, and the default Contractor Connection)
  5. Check Show in List for Restoration Manager within the following profiles; Carrier, Contractor, and the default Contractor Connection.

Note: The reason Vendor Exchange is only available by default within the Contractor, Carrier and the default Contractor Connection profile is because many Carriers haven’t gone through the process of having a custom profile created with the intent of being able to control which features are enabled/disabled. Xactware cannot simply add this feature to a custom profile without a request from the carrier to do so. If you would like to see Vendor Exchange as an option in a custom profile, you will need to reach out to the Insurance Carrier and ask if this is something, they would be willing to approve for their profile. Once Xactware receives written authorization from the carrier to add Vendor Exchange, the functionality takes between 4 -6 weeks to enable.

1. To export the estimate from Xactimate the project will need to match the RM Job ID exactly unless the project was created directly from the Job in Restoration Manager using Send Job to Xactimate ©.
For an overview on Send Job to Xactimate © please refer to the reference document located in Job Resources


2. Open the Project

3. Click the “V” located to the top left of the page.

3. Click the + sign next to Restoration Manager to create a new request.

4. After clicking the + sign another pop up will display, click Send
Note: You do not need to add any information within this pop up to process the request successfully.

5.Close the Vendor Requests window.

6. Click Save & Exit located to the top right of the page.

7. Go to the Control Center.

8. Within the XactAnalysis Communications panel click the Connect button to send the Estimate through the Exchange.
The file is processed by our server this takes approximately 3-5 minutes. After the file is processed the Estimate costs are applied to the respective Job in Restoration Manager within the Financials (Costs) Tab.

Change Orders, Supplements, Revisions, etc.
Scenario 1:
If you are adjusting the original estimate just resend it to Restoration Manager using the steps above and it will override the previously uploaded estimate.

Scenario 2:
If you are creating a duplicate project in Xactimate to write a Supplement, Change Order, Revisions, etc. for a job prior to saving the project the project MUST match the RM Job ID exactly along with adding [SUP], [CO], [REV], etc. after the last character of the Project ID.
Example Project: 21-0504-F[SUP]

After Saving the Project and writing up the Estimate use the same steps above (pages 2 & 3) to send the Estimate to Restoration Manager.
Note: This format WILL NOT override the original estimate that was uploaded previously.

Example of the Supplement
Click Financials → Single click the row to expand→ Click Estimate Breakdown to view the Original Estimate and the SUP, CO, etc. amounts.

Additional Information:
If you’re trying to send an Estimate from any other profile other than the Carrier, Contractor or the default Contractor Connection, the “V” will not display. To process an Estimate in another profile the Estimate will need to be duplicated and saved in the Carrier/Contractor profile, then process the Estimate using the steps above.

For any technical issues please reach out to our Technical Support Department directly at or 303-625-7814. Thank you!