System Setup Reference Documents

Employee – Setup (rev 09/21) View PDF

Employee Permissions (rev 09/21) View PDF

Work Order Employees – Setup (rev 03/21) View PDF

Employee Record – Steps to Inactivate (rev 12/21) View PDF

Certification Type – Setup (rev 04/20) View PDF

Task Template – Setup (rev 02/19) View PDF

Task Notification – Setup (rev 02/19) View PDF

Default Document Folders – Setup (rev 04/20) View PDF

Loss Date Rules – Setup (rev 04/21) View PDF

Job Compliance Progress – Setup (rev 04/21) View PDF

Loss Date Tracking – Setup (rev 04/20) View PDF

Cause of Loss – Setup (rev 04/20) View PDF

Job Type – Setup (rev 05/20) View PDF

Job Custom Fields – Setup (rev 03/21) View PDF

Determinations – Setup (rev 05/20) View PDF

Titles/Positions – Setup (rev 05/20) View PDF

XA Job Mapping (rev 07/19) View PDF

Budget Factor – Setup (rev 02/19) View PDF

Sub/Tech – Admin Settings (rev 04/20) View PDF

Document Merge Resources

Document Merge Instructions (rev 10/19) View PDF

Merge Data Source – Fields and Descriptions (rev 10/19) View PDF

Document Templates – How to Add (rev 02/19) View PDF

RM Merge Data Source View XLS

IMPORTANT: Remember the RM Merge Data Source file must be downloaded to add the merge fields into your word documents.

Office Setup Reference Documents

Email Templates – Setup (rev 03/19) View PDF

Text Templates – Setup (rev 03/19) View PDF

Work Order Report Settings (rev 04/21) View PDF

Work Order Email Subject Line (rev 02/19) View PDF

Purchase Order Approval – Setup (rev 02/19) View PDF

Purchase Order Signature (rev 02/19) View PDF


Sample – Correspondence Types (rev 02/19) View PDF

Samples – Referred By (rev 02/19) View PDF

Sample – Marketing Categories (rev 02/19) View PDF

Sample – Categories, Subs & Services (rev 02/19) View PDF

Samples – Reported By (rev 02/19) View PDF

Other Resources

Password Reset (rev 10/19) View PDF